Friday, February 11, 2011

Obama Reincarnates Jimmy Carter's Legacy of Fail

Well it certainly looks like President Obama has channeled his inner Jimmy Carter instead of Ronald Reagan on this one and by stepping away from Egyptian President Mubarack and once again took the wrong side of history and sided with the Muslim Brotherhood and the Islamist Militants.

From Reuters:
A senior member of the Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt's biggest opposition group, said Egyptians had achieved the main goal of their popular uprising after President Hosni Mubarak resigned Friday.
"I salute the Egyptian people and the martyrs. This is the day of victory for the Egyptian people. The main goal of the revolution has been achieved," Mohamed el-Katatni, former leader of the Brotherhood's parliamentary bloc, told Reuters.
Katatni said the Brotherhood awaits the next steps to be taken by the Higher Military Council, which has taken charge of the country's affairs after Mubarak's decision.
In the coming days, it is my dire prediction that Sharia Law will be strictly enforced, bloodshed and violence will become the mainstay in the new Egypt that Obama helped create and Egypt will now become a new home to Islamic Terrorists and a launching pad for attacks against Israel which had at one time a peace treaty with Egypt, but may very well come to an end if I am correct and the Islamists take over the government as well as the military.

Obama has once again failed the American People and in this case, has turned his back on 2 US Allies in the Middle East, Egypt and Israel.

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