Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I found this blog today surfing the web.  The guy has some great stuff including this little tidbit.  Click on the link to read the entire commentary!  I highly recommend this blog to everyone!

The Anti-Liberal Zone:

The Gunny has come to the conclusion that Obama, the Meddler in the White House, as Michael Savage calls him, is a liar, a scumbag, and something less than what the Gunny steps into while hiking in the woods! But moreover, the derision and contempt that the Gunny has for the black racists, affirmative action RINO morons like Colin Powell, stupid white liberals, and asshats like David "I like the crease in his pants" Brooks, who voted for this polished turd in the White House, is deeply felt. You are little more than traitors and the Gunny hopes that the lowest level in Hell is your eternal reward. You bastards deserve little else.

The Community Organizer sends the First Grifter and his grubs off to Vail, he "coaches" one of the grub’s basketball team, while all hell is breaking loose around the world. The First Wookie shoves ribs down her neck in Vail while telling the rest of us to eat berries, roots, tree bark, tofu, etc. To the woman who looks like a Cape Buffalo from behind, the Gunny would say to her face, "piss off."

Many of the 65 million morons, idiots, simpletons, and nitwits were lied to by Obama. They are to blame because they are WILLFULLY IGNORANT! The information on this rabble rousing anti-American Kenyan Usurper WAS THERE for the reading. You DO NOT hire a burger-flipper to run a nuclear power plant do you? Then WHY IN THE HELL would you elect an idiot so devoid of experience to run the nation and represent America to the world? WHY? The Gunny would wholeheartedly SUPPORT the impeachment of this shitbird. He meddles in Wisconsin, calls the Tea Party anti-Americans, and then rushes to support the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD in Egypt! It is high time to call it like it is. Barack Hussein Obama was elected because he is 1/8th black and has the required skin tone to please the tribalistic blacks (who heap scorn on black Conservatives) as well as making guilty white libvermin happy! In truth, America was sold a pig-in-a-poke. A snake oil salesman. A bullshit moderate who is so far to left as to make Lenin look middle-of-the-road! And you who voted for him deserve to be rounded up and run out of this country. You will forever be seen as traitors in the eyes of the Gunny. It is his skin tone and the race card that will prevent him from being impeached and the gutless GOP won’t even get close to touching that lightning rod.
 Once again, check out what the Gunny has to say!

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