Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Congressman Allen West Takes Care of CAIR Member

I should say that Allen West SCHOOLED this Mother Jammer and took him to task....

I heart Allen West!!!  I would love to see this man run for President and have Ted Nugent as his Vice President and R Lee Ermy as his Secretary of Defense along with Chuck Norris as his Secretary of State!

The United States of America needs more men like Allen West in Washington!!!

Full Transcript below the fold....

Hamze: You recently told a Marine that the terrorists that attacked the United States and the people that are attacking America are following Islam and they are following the instruction of the Koran. So, very simple question. I'm not going to take a lot of your time. I'm not going to comment on Mr. Kaufman's {unintelligible then someone in the background says 'Shut up."} Can you show me one verse in this Koran where it says to attack America, attack Americans, or attack innocent people?

Mr. West:Well, of course it doesn't say attack American or Americans {unintelligible} the book was written back you know sometime around the 8th or 9th century so America wasn't even around {applause} but you do have a {unintelligible} story in there and there is talk about killing infidels. Look, you know.

Hamze: {unintelligible}

Mr. West: We don't have time to sit here and go through this. This is a losing proposition. From 622 A.D.

Hamze: {unintelligible} I tried to. I tried to. 
Mr. West: It's the truth! It's out there! 622 A.D. on. The Nahkla Raid. It didn't happen? 628 the Battle of Qādisiyyah 3,000 Jewish families slaughtered. 732 A.D. Battle of Tours {unintelligible} {applause} 1671 {LOUD APPLAUSE} {unintelligible} 1693 {more applause} Islam {unintelligible} Mohammed's first wife. Something happened when Mohammed enacted the Hijrah. And he left Mecca and he went out to Medina. It became violent. Now you explain it to me. Major Hassan was shouting 'Allāhu Akbar.' The people who flew those planes into those buildings shouting 'Allāhu Akbar.' I've been on the battlefield my friend. Ok? Don't try to blow sunshine up my butt and tell me its warm and fuzzy. {APPLAUSE}

Hamze: Mr. West, may I respond to you?" I'm ashamed. I am ashamed to be here with all of these people. And you've attacked Islam. You attacked..

Mr. West: You attacked us! You attacked us!" {unintelligible} I went to Muslim countries to defend the freedom of Muslim people! Don't come up here and try to criticize me! Put the microphone down and go home!


L/Bokarius said...

God bless you Colonel West! For how long we will continue to be politically correct and to not to tell the truth? For how long we will tolerate our country being under deadly threat of those who should not be be on our land? This religion is the only religion that is causing only bloodshed from the moment of its appearance. There will be no peace for our children? grandchildren and all generations until the followers of islam are present on the earth.

L.Bokarius said...

I've listened also to Olberman's comments. These kind of people brought our great country to the current situation. His place is in Hell together with all mentally disabled liberals who are in fact haters
of everything American.