Sunday, February 13, 2011

Congressman Allan West Closes CPAC

This man should have been our first Black President, not the Liberal Messiah, Chicago Jesus!

This guy stands for just about every principle I stand for! To me, the color of his skin, is irrevalent! The words that came out of his mouth, are the most important thing here. This guy sounds like he just gave his first speech, in his run for President, against Barack Obama!

This guy seems to have a clear vision of what the country is about . . . why is it so fucking hard for these creepy liberal asshats to get it? I like him, every bit as much as Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.  But, I'm sure because of my opposition to Chicago Jesus, I'd still be labled a Wacist despite the fact that I would vote for Allen West if he ran for President of the United States of America simply because of his values and where he stands on the issues important to me, not the color of his skin!

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