Thursday, February 03, 2011

Clueless Moonbat Valerie Jarrett Orders High-Ranking Officer to Get Her More Wine

How in the hell did we end up with these elitist assholes in the Obama administration?  Not only is Obama without a clue and as incompetent as come by, but those who work for him are equally as incompetent and usually have the same elitist asshole mentality as he does.

The keeper of the Holy Teleprompter Valerie Jarrett pulled a Boxeresque Gaffe recently by ordering a General to get her some wine...

From the Daily Caller:

Jarrett was seated at the head table along with several other big-name politicians and a handful of high-ranking military officials. As an officer sporting several stars walked past Jarrett, she signaled for his attention and said, "I'd like another glass of wine."
White House economic adviser Austan Goolsbee, who was seated next to Jarret, began "cracking up nervously," our tipster said, but no one pointed out to Jarrett that the man sporting a chestful of medals was not her waiter.
"The guy dutifully went up and got her a glass of wine, and then came back and gave it to her and took a seat at the table," our tipster said. "Everyone is in tuxedos and gowns at this thing, but the military people are in full dress uniform."
"There was no shortage of waiters either," the tipster added.
If she had any class, she’d call him personally to apologize, but that is not likely to happen as most of the Liberal Ruling Class in America loathe the military and those who serve in it! It may take Ms. Jarrett some time to understand that “power” does not equate to “class” as has been the case with this entire administration and the Democrat party as a whole!

Just another arrogant elitist douchebag

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