Sunday, October 03, 2010

We're Back!!!

I'm diligently working to bring my blog back over to Blogger from Wordpress...Sick and tired of all the restrictions that Wordpress lays on it's bloggers. Not sure if I'll be able to import all the goodness from Wordpress, but I'm going to do my best and try.


Anonymous said...

Oh, does poor Rogue Jew not having any followers yet? That's so sad.

And did mean old Wordpress treat you bad? I noticed they DIDN'T censor your blog, like they did mine -- so what could they possibly have done anyways?

But don't worry about little old me; I've got a great new self-hosted site that's getting tons of hits. I've noticed that about you -- never putting up a hit counter. I guess the 20-30 hits a day are a bit embarrassing for a stuck-up Jew like yourself.

Sayonara, Fatso!


Anonymous said...

Sexy redefined in North K. Graded tinted large sunglasses. Oversized miltary upside down flask caps. Suave outfits. Gee. Such fashion.

INCOG MAN said...

These Jews want you to get all bunged-up about NK's and Iran, but the real problem child in the world is ISRAEL.

Once you get that, everything will fall into place.

Learn the real truth.

PS: If you come back in a few days and this comment is gone, you'll see a small example of Jewry censorship.

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