Thursday, March 02, 2006


Well my loyal readers, The Rogue Jew is back from my trip to the Big Apple...New York City! What a great time we had. Good food, my wonderful in-laws of which my beautiful neice Samantha celebrated her 6th birthday on the 28th. And I got to visit the Jewish homeland away from home! Some time away from the Christian homeland of Grand Rapids was a nice break.

On my trip through airport security. I was able to see some of my friends still plugging away at it despite the incompetent leadership and abuse by management that they endure on a daily basis.

One of my favorite supervisors, (as if!) I'll call him O.J. (You figure it out) handled our bags through the checked baggage screening. He didn't look all to happy to see me. I'm a paying customer now Sgt. Major Dickhead. You actually work for ME! I just looked at him and flashed him my pearly whites.

The supervisor who could pass as a refugee from a 3rd world country who regularly sits downstairs and does his college homework at the expense of taxpayers dollars looked away from me and kept on stepping by. No guts, no glory there Marconi!

Now on to the things that have been really eating at me!

This whole Port thing. I honestly believe that the President has lost his mind. As of this day, I am not a Republican, and I sure in hell am not a Democrat. The Republican party of Ronald Reagan is no more.

President Reagan would have never allowed something as insane as an Arab National run business be in charge of our ports of entry while we are at war with Fundamentalist Islamic nut jobs who believe the pathway to heaven and 72 virgins is by strapping a bomb to ones self and blowing yourself and hundreds of innocent bystanders into a million unidentifiable little peices.

Word to Osama...You want virgins? If you don't mind what they look like, just check out some of the woofer nags that belong to NOW...The National Orgaization for (Ugly) Women. You don't have to blow yourself to get at them, and most of them would be more the happy to service even your camel just to get a man to notice them!

At least when President Clinton spoke, you knew he was full of shit. I actually had faith in President Bush. Was I ever wrong. He is proving himself to be just as big a dumb ass as any other politician.

Let us not forget the whole Clinton connection to this scandalous affair. While Senator Hillary Clinton is talking out her rectum about how wrong this move is for America, her scumbag husband, Former President Bill "Blow Job" Clinton is advising the Arabs how to seal the deal, and to hire a few of his buddies while their at it.

Don't ever flip coins with this gruesome twosome. The Clintons use a coin that has two sphincters instead of two heads. One as big as the other!

And Yet, there is more good news on the Homeland InSecurity front!

In the land of Fruits and Nuts, California, the FBI and whatever dumbass agency is in charge of "Keeping us Safe" allowed an Islamic Terrorist nicknamed " The Next Mohammad Atta" get away.

An official report of the sighting of el-Shukrijumah or his "dead-ringer" was filed with an anti-terrorism unit in Kern County.

The local enforcement officers, including the county sheriff, reportedly neglected to conduct an investigation, despite the $5 million bounty on Shukrijumah's head.

Several federal officials, including U.S. Sen. Arlen Specter, R-Pa., when notified of the incident, opted to turn a blind eye to the situation, even though they were aware that the suspect in question has been described as the most dangerous al-Qaida agent on American soil.

After reading THIS, one would think that Osama bin Laden himself was the Secretary of Homeland InSecurity.

Could things become even more f-- up then ever before? We have the Communist Chinese running the Panama canal thanks to former screw up Jimmy Carter, and now courtesy of the Republican party, we will soon have Ahab the Arab Muslim extremist operating our major ports of entry into the United States of America. Talk about letting the fox into the hen house!

And the icing on this cake....The President wants another Arab run company to build parts for the United States military!

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Bush administration has opened a national security probe of a second Dubai-owned company amid a political storm over a deal with state-owned Dubai Ports World, The Washington Post reported on Thursday.

The secretive Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) is reviewing Dubai International Capital's acquisition of London-based Doncasters Group Ltd., which operates in nine U.S. locations and makes precision parts for U.S. defense contractors, the newspaper reported.

I'll bet that Georgy boy won't be going hunting with Cheney anytime soon at this rate.

It just astounds me that President Bush just does not get it. He has no clue as to who the real enemy in the War on Terror is. His plan of appeasment is no different then that of the French in World War II and that of Jimmy Carter giving in to the Soviet Union and Islamic Shiite Heads in 1979. At this rate, we as free Americans are doomed.

It doesn't matter. Democrats or Republicans. They are all a bunch of shit for brains, pencil dick scum bags. Politics as usual reigns and common sense is DOA...Dead on Arrival!

It's nice to be back....The Rogue Jew!


Lonewatchman said...

Well that Libertarian party looks pretty good.

The_Bad said...

As much as you cannot fault the entire dNC for Bill Clinton, equally you shouldn't fault the entire RNC for what you think is a bad move from President Bush.

While I would agree that Bush's current exercise with Dubai makes little sense, I suppose we don't really have the full picture (and probably never will). One can only hope that there is a quid pro quo with Dubai, and one that might assist us in the fight against the Jihad mentality or perhaps bring us the head of bin-Laden. Regardless, I think it is premature to discard the RNC as a whole (especially when many Republicans in Congress are opposed to this as well).

Libertarian Party? Honestly, that is just what Senator Clinton is hoping for! In the next Presidential election, a vote for anyone other than the Republican candidate is essentially a vote for Hillary. Regardless of the outcome, I know I will be sleeping soundly.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, I love you. Found you in google when I was looking up something about Terri's murder! You write what I think...but I am not Jewish, but I love the Jewish people. Most of them are the sweetest, kindest people in the whole world minus the lawyers in Florida State, the most corrupt state in the Nation.

I hope you are still blogging. All my love to you!!

I too will never vote R again, after Terri's barbaric murder. They are the ones that killed her, I am telling you. Nor will I vote Democrat. I think it is time for a civil war, actually.

Keep on blogging!! G-d Bless You~!