Saturday, March 11, 2006


Now that Portgate is all but faded from our memory, the Liberal Left will now feel the need to heal the hurt feelings between the United States and the Arab/Islamofacist world, and even though they sided with most Americans on this issue (Big Surprise), I am quite sure that they will blame the President for such a racist act as discriminating against an Arab nation, and the Mainstream media will eat it up with their usual dirty spoon.

The President has already moved on to other matters by referring to Iran and it's Hitleresque President a "Grave National Security Issue".

No shit Sherlock! Where have you been all of these weeks?

Just a day ago, the President was trying to shove a deal down our throats saying that the UAE, who by the way crave the destruction of the Jewish State of Israel, were our friends and ally. Now the President does an about face and turns into a half hearted hawk again.

All the while we stand around with our thumbs up our asses waiting for Diplomacy to solve the Nuclear question that Iran is eagerly seeking a decisive answer to, the Shiite Head clerics and the lunatic President of Iran who sees himself as a Messiah of some sorts are building and readying themselves for what is sure to be a War!

President Bush needs to get a clue right now! These whack jobs in Iran, the Mullahs and their Hitler like dictator want to kill Americans and destroy Israel! No ifs, ands, or buts about it! Their goal is as plain as the ugly on Janet Reno's face.

Iran declared war against the United States in 1979 when Jimmy Carter displayed his lack of leadership as our President at the time. We have yet to do anything about that threat of war.

The same way that Saddam used "Diplomacy" as a way to stall and win time to evacuate his WMD into Syria with the help of our friends the Russians, (Friends indeed) the Iranian nut jobs are doing the same thing.

As we sit here in our comfy home in the U.S., our soldiers are dealing with attacks from Iran every day in Iraq. The Improvised Explosive Devices that kill Americans and Iraqis every day in terror attacks are more then likely made in Iran and transported over the border to be used against our soldiers.

Israel is even getting sick of the United States hemming and hawing their way through this and are prepared to take matters into their own hands if neccessary.

In the early afternoon hours of Sunday, June 7, 1981, Israeli pilots took off from an air base in the south of Israel. The mini-armada consisted of eight F-16s, each carrying two 2,000-pound bombs, and six F-15s flying in a protective umbrella.

In less than two minutes' time, these 14 planes of the Israeli Air Force laid waste to the Osiraq nuclear reactor on the outskirts of Baghdad.

The United States reacted much the way the Israeli leadership thought it would. The Reagan Administration voted to condemn Israel in the U.N. and four F-16s scheduled for shipment to Israel were held back a few weeks. Behind the scenes, however, President Reagan assured Israel of his continued support.

One could be led to believe that the same thing could happen very, very soon. And any attack led by Israel would more then likely have the support of the United States. Unless of course a Democrat is in office much like Jimmy Carter was in 1979 when he turned his back on a American friendly leadership that was in place in Iran and instead ALLOWED a hostile anti-American Islamic Fundamentalist regime to take over.

The Soviets don't realize that a nuclear Iran could be as dangerous for them as it is for the US and Israel, even western Europe. Same appeasment bullshit as with Iraq before the war. Russia has had its own problems with Islamofacist loonies in the Chechyn region and don't think for a moment that Iran would not turn and bite the hand that fed it nuclear material to begin with in favor of Islamic Fundamentalist who want to further their dream of a world wide Islamic government.

We need to act now along side our Jewish friends in Israel. If we stand by and let Iran destroy Israel as Jimmy Carter would do, then who is to say that we here in the U.S.A. would not be next.

No nation building, no spreading of Democracy, none of that crap...Let's just get the job done and waste the F--ing F---kers and send them on a one way magic carpet ride to Paradise and the 72 virgins. In plain english, "Let's waste em!" "Kill em all and let G-d sort em out!" I am sure that we would not be wrong on this one.

With threats like, "The west will suffer" and promising "Harm and Pain" to Americans and Israel, how can we sit by with our heads in the sand and think for one minute that this can be solved with diplomacy. Diplomacy works only when both sides are thinking rationally. The Iranian President is obviously not a rational person and neither are the Islamic Clerics and Mullahs who desire the destruction of America and Israel and send their sons and daughters out with bombs strapped to themselves on suicidal missions to kill innocent civilians. Jews, Muslims, Christians alike have died because of these homocidal maniacs.

I desire a peaceful world to live in as much as the next guy. But being the rational and logical thinking person that I am makes me realize that to have peace, one needs to wage war at times.

In the meantime, in my own little way, I have created a message to the President of Iran and his cult like followers of Religious zealots and IslamoNazi Pig F--king whores.

Have a wonderful weekend.

The Rogue Jew!

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