Sunday, February 12, 2006


Developing Story.....

It has come to my attention from my reliable sources within the Transportation Security Administration at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport in Grand Rapids, Michigan that their is an emerging sex scandal.

It has been discovered that a Transportation Security Screener Supervisor has been having a sexual relationship with a Screener, also known as "Schtupping the Help". The whole time this adulterous relationship has been taking place, the Screener was a member of the team led by the offending Supervisor.

This information comes forth as it was suspected that the Screener was one of a handfull that received a pay incentive bonus based on the personal recomendations of her immediate supervisor which was boinking her. To this writer, that sounds a little something like "Quid Pro Quo", You do something for me, and I'll do something for you! Which if I remember my Sexual Harrasment laws correctly is ILLEGAL!

It is rumored that several screeners are exploring the option of "Legal Action" against the TSA administration in Grand Rapids.

So as to protect the innocent, I will not mention names of the Employees involved.

So far, the only action the TSA management has taken is to remove the Screener from the Supervisors team.

This same supervisor has been indicated in several complaints by staff in the past, up to and including assaulting a Screener and many other labor infractions, but the management in the past has done nothing to rein in this "Rogue Supervisor" mostly out of fear of the individual using the "Race Card".

Time will tell as to how the Management within the TSA deal with this scandal.


Lonewatchman said...

If this is the sup I think it is, isn't there some adultery going on here as well? As though it weren't easy enough to get a bomb on board, at GRR all you have to do is flash some tits.

Anonymous said...

This is crazy. Keep us informed.

Anonymous said...

The Grand Rapid Airport is not the only airport in Michigan that is under investigation. In some cases, the scandal involves delibrately setting up people to take offenses and putting them in harms way. Where is the FBI?