Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Frau Hitlery Clinton is on the town appealing to her leftist supporters by blasting Vice President Cheney for taking time to call an ambulance and see to his friends well being before contacting the press about the accidental shooting over the weekend in a hunting accident.

Hillary who by the way is exposing herself as the lying two faced politically motivated bitch that she trully is.

The top Liberal - who as first lady withheld subpoenaed documents from Whitewater investigators for two years and refused to turn over a suicide note from a top aide after he had killed himself - said the Bush administration's propensity for secrecy goes "from the top all the way to the bottom."

The former first lady didn't mention her own hunting days, which she referenced during a May 2002 campaign swing though upstate New York.

Challenged on her anti-gun positions by Fort Ann resident Holden Clous, Mrs. Clinton countered that she had been a hunter in her younger days.

Hillary Clinton lie? At least Cheney admits that he was at fault, contrary to the Former President, Hillary's husband Bill "BJ" Clinton. If that mans nose was to grow every time he lied, it would stretch to China. And of course, the former first felon is no stranger to using deceit to cover her felonious tracks.

I have noticed an unusual silence from Ted Kennedy over this whole thing. Maybe he has sobered up long eneough to know better to keep his big mouth shut over this one. No matter how you add up the body count, the Clintons and Ted Kennedy have killed more people then Vice President Dick Cheney.

It just astounds me to this day, the hypocracy of the Democratic Party. Mostly coming from Hillary Clinton, Ali Babba Gore, and Jimmy "I love a gooood Dictator" Carter. These people actually believe that everyday Americans have forgotten the sins committed by this troublesome trio. I for one have not forgotten, and have not forgiven.

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dag said...

Ze'ev, I love the photo of Hilary. I'll post it at Covenant zone sometime soon.

(You related to Jabotinsky?)

Best, Dag.