Thursday, February 23, 2006


Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, who will be speaking at my synagogue next month wrote this article and I found it extremely interesting and thought I should link it to this site.

Look for his new show on The Learning Channel "Shalom in the Home!" Coming soon! Jewish TV, I love it!

I can't wait for Rabbi Boteach to speak at my shul!

When I was in fourth grade, I was bullied mercilessly by a boy in class. It got so bad that I once took him to the school gift shop to buy him a present to appease him and get him to stop. When I look back 30 years later at that incident, I am filled primarily not with anger toward the boy but with shame for my own actions. I cannot believe that I allowed the bullying to take place, that I cowed in fear before a disturbed kid who used intimidation to feel powerful.

I believe that the world in general, and Europe in particular, will also look back one day at their feebleness in the face of global Islamic bullying and be ashamed of their own cowardice.

For make no mistake about it, Islam, once the world's greatest civilization, is fast becoming a global bully.

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