Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Well the liberal Democrats went and did it again, proving once again what a bunch of shameless douchebags they truly are, and I would like to add how much more dignified that President Bush was during the entire event then the Democrats were. Jimmy Carter not only has proven what a failure he was as a president, he has demonstrated to the nation that he is also a schmuck of the highest order!

The Liberals of the Democratic Party hijacked the funeral of Coretta Scott King, the widow of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who championed civil rights before he was gunned down by a James Earl Ray. From what I saw, heard and read about, the Dems turned the funeral into one big pornographic cum shot to which they tried to use the ever dignified President Bush as their splash guard as to which to aim their venomous spew at.

I was appalled from what I witnessed at the funeral today. Although it's not the first time the Democrats have used a funeral as a platform from which to launch partisan attacks from.

Former President Jimmy Carter used the occasion to attack the President's use of wiretaps to spy on suspected terrorists and their partners in slime hiding here in the United States. Besides, what does Jimmy Carter know about keeping a nation safe from terrorists? Besides being the "Gilligan" of Homeland Security, he stood by with his thumb up his ass and did nothing while Islamic radicals in Iran took our people hostage in 1979.

Of course, the merchants of hate, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton couldn't resist sliming themselves in the race baiting goo as a ploy to keep their bretheren feeling oppressed so as to fatten their own wallets.

I wish that I could say I am surprised that Sen. Robert Byrd didn't show up with his fellow Klansmen to say farewell Mrs. King.

Where was Cindy Sheehan throuhout the whole event? There were enough microphones and cameras around to keep an insatiable attention whore such as herself busy spreading her anti-semitic and anti-American hate for hours and hours.

Sheehan and the late Mrs. King had quite a bit in common after all. They both learned how to exploit the death of a loved one for personal gain.

The service was billed as a "Celebration of Mrs. King's Life" turned into a Liberal Democrat orgy of hate not seen since they hijacked the funeral of the late Senator from Minnesota, Paul Wellstone who died in a plane crash and at whose funeral the Democrats took over and turned it into a campaign rally.

When is the last time anyone of these scumbags ever showed up at the funeral of an American soldier who died bravely in battle in Iraq or Afghanistan? Chances are you would never see a Liberal at a military funeral. The family alone would probably thrash a drunken Ted Kennedy to an inch of his life if he or anyone of his liberal buddies were to appear.

The only thing missing at the funeral was a good ole fashioned flag burning.

The Rogue Jew


Anonymous said...

Bush only has two years left, he can't run for office again, and he doesn't need any money. So really why shouldn't he just become what everyone says he is, a racist? After all if the self-appointed black leaders think things are still as bad as 1950 then I think Bush should teach them a lesson. Bush should put labeling theory to work. If whites can never get credit for progress, then progress is not useful.

The_Bad said...

Let's not forget that it was the Kennedy administration that wiretapped Dr. King himself. It wasn't because of national security. It was to try and prove that he was cheating on Coretta. No shit.

Also, when liberals try and defend this by saying it was all J. Edgar, ask them where their whole "buck stops here" theory went.