Saturday, January 14, 2006


Welcome readers of MensNewsDaily.Com to the blog of what is probably the most Politically Incorrect Jew in the Mid-West...THE ROGUE JEW. I would like to thank Mike for giving me this chance to be part of a impressive team of writers at this great source of news and information.

My Rebbe and others of my synagogue consider me to be somewhat radical in my views of the world today especially with the twist of humorous sarcasm that I provide with my ever present opinion.

The Rogue Jew began because of my inability to keep my political opinions to myself. My beautiful wife and I sit on opposite ends of the political spectrum, which has provided many hours of rather loud pillow talk. We are simply unable to watch the news together, mainly because I am unable to keep my big fat mouth shut when I watch the news and listen to the crap that flows from the mouth of the mainstream media and the Liberal politicians in Washington with their personal political agenda of regaining power and destroying the moral fiber of this great nation.

The Democrats with their inability to win back both the Executive and Legislative branches of government have turned to the Judicial branch as their last bastion of hope for advancing the Socialist and amoral agenda of their party. The latest rounds of hearings to get Judge Alito approved to sit on the Supreme Court is proof of that.

Never in my life had I ever heard such hypocracy from a more pathetic bunch of schmucks. The fact that Ted Kennedy can question anyones past is beyond my realm of thought. After listening to Kennedy, Schumer and Durbin, the left side of my brain looked at the right side and said, "It's dark in here."

Now we have this judge from Vermont, the lovely state that procuced one of the biggest schmucks of all within the Democratic party, Howard "the scream" Dean.

Judge Edward Cashman, believes more in rehabilitating the criminal rather then punish him and protect the victim. He handed down a 60 day sentence to a convicted child molester! "The one message I want to get through is that anger doesn't solve anything." He said to a packed court room which was filled mostly with friends and family of the victim.

Mark Hulett, 34 of Willston Vermont sexually abused this young girl from the time she was 7 yrs old and her horror ended when she was 10. Judge Cashman expressed that he was more concerned with the offending monster getting treatment then the rights of the victim and her family!

How in the hell do you look that child in the face knowing the horror that she went through and care more about the scumbag that sexually abused a child? Makes me wonder to myself if Judge Cashman does not harbor deep dark secret sexual feelings for children himself...Maybe a student of that sadistic pervert Dr. Alfred Kinsey who himself was a pedophile.

This light sentence just causes one to think about what goes on inside of a mans head that allows him to care more for a criminal then the victim.

During my 10 yrs as a Corrections Office with the Michigan Dept. of Corrections, our warden Pamela K. Withrow thought she had the cure all for repeat offenders. STP. Strategies for Thinking Positively. Millions of tax payers dollars wasted, and still the recidivism rate remained the same. At the same time, her quest for protecting her pet project almost cost the lives of staff and caused one worker to quietly resign because of a sexual relationship with a convict, and the convict was discovered to have concocted a plan to kill this prison employee. When evidence was discovered by staff and turned over to the administration, it was all quietly swept under the carpet, with noone in Lansing any the wiser of what occured. This convict by the way was a convicted child molester who had savagely raped a 3 yr old little girl to the point that she nearly bled to death.

The person in this case whom I think needs the counseling and rehab is not just the child molester, but I think the judge himself is in need some himself. Maybe some sensitivity training toward crime victims and less sensitivity toward the monsters who commit the crimes.

Because of the decaying moral fiber of this country because of the Hollyweird leftist who take their orders from the Gay Mafia, Criminal Sexual Conduct is becoming more and more a problem. Teachers having sex with their students is just the tip of the iceberg. Maybe we need to spend less money on the morons who get caught with weed and more money on keeping these monsters who sexually abuse children locked up. A drug offender gets more time then a child molester. Both are obviously crimes, but one more hideous then the other.

I cannot wait to see the next idiot that emerges from the State of Vermont. It can only get uglier.

The Rogue Jew


Lonewatchman said...

WOW! Look at the hit map, it's like a freakin Christmas tree, as ironic as that is.

Nate said...

Congratulations on the MND. I feel like I know the West Michigan Michael Savage!

Your liberal wife filled me in!

Floyd's Lists said...

Go kick some ass, Zev. Floyd and his asshole brother are both pulling for you.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I have always felt kinship with the Jewish, tough history. But we have more in common then ever before. TERRORIST. It seems to me all the Jew is asking for is an acre of land on a on a million acre plot. But by God in the seven day war the Jew showed the backbone many non Jew americans seem to have lost. You now are on my fav quickhit along with mnd. Keep it up rouge, I have fath in you, after all my guideing light was a Jewish carpnter

Mother Hen said...

Rogue...I'm so proud of you! I'm really not into this MAN thing, but you do write a good article or two once in a while. :) Congrats my friend!

Anonymous said...

Why dont you all take a look at something far more interesting then this Israel loving idiot.

Anonymous said...

nice to see freedom of speech still alive somewhere

but it is a little odd to be finding a jewish person questioning anything a judge says

or questioning anything reported for effect in your media outlets ... i wonder perhaps, was this judge a christian perhaps and the real propaganda message is, CHRISTIANS BAD!

all i can say is this sukks big doodoo, death penaltys wrong, breaking rocks forever isnt, im undecided on castration ... keep you posted you wily jew!

oi va!

Anonymous said...

Not a bad article from a revolting human being like yourself.
When I read your self description , you embody everything one from out here would consider the disgusting American. That somehow proves there is a glimps of light in that hugh dark human costume of yours. How do you feel about Gazan children being scorched? Is that different because they are arabs? Me, I would love to know.
Greetings from Europe!!

Anonymous said...


False Quote:
Quran ( 9:11) -- For it is written that a son of Arabia would awaken a fearsome Eagle. The wrath of the Eagle would be felt throughout the lands of Allah and lo, while some of the people trembled in despair still more rejoiced; for the wrath of the Eagle cleansed the lands of Allah; and there was peace.

Actual Quote:
Quran 9:11 -- But (even so), if they repent, establish regular prayers, and practise regular charity,- they are your brethren in Faith: (thus) do We explain the Signs in detail, for those who understand.