Saturday, January 28, 2006


Right in front of the complacent eyes of the world and with the approval of the Hollyweird Left and Former President Jimmy Carter , the Fourth Reich has emerged from the flames and the ashes that were suppose to be extinguished with the defeat of Adolf Hitler and his Nazi Party.

The Terrorist group Hamas won an overwhelming control of the parlamentary seats in the Arab occupied land that the so called Palestinian people have laid claim to in an effort to eliminate the Jewish State of Israel piece by piece.

The Nazi philisophy has been given a new breath of life by the Arabic friends of Hitler's Nazis. Islamofacists and Nazi Germans had close connections during the Shoah (Holocaust). Their Arab bretheren bacame willing partners in their quest to solve the Jewish problem.

The Islamonazi Mufti named Haj Amin was one of the initiating factors of the systomatic extermination of European Jewry. He played a key roll in the banning of Jewish emigration to Israel then known as Palestine.

Now, just as they did in the 1930's, American leaders are just standing in a daze, not sure of what to do next about a new government controled by hate and death.

Our government alone has been providing over $200 million to this new government formed by this ridiculous road map to peace, of which Israel has been the only willing partner in. The so-called Palestinian people have thanked the Israeli people for giving up their rightful land by launching missles into civilian settlements and by sending yet another one of their own children to blow himself up so as to kill and maim more innocent Jewish people.

As much respect as I have for President Bush, I feel that him and Secretary of State Rice were very naive if they thought that if given this make believe Palestinian state, these "people" would cease their attacks against the Jewish nation and strive to create their own thriving nation.... WRONG! The first thing the IslamoNazi Palestinian people did was go in and destroy everything that was left by the Jewish settlers that would have benefited them economically.

At least in Iraq, the Iraqi people, both Sunni and Shiite are trying to forge a new government out of the ruin that the genocidal dictator Saddam Hussein had left them.

Contrary to what that anti-American coward Congressman John Murtha has said, Iraq is NOT in the midst of a civil war. The Iraqi people are fighting alongside American and British soldiers against Islamic Terrorists that poured over the border from the Islamofacists countries of Iran and Syria. Both countries which are ruled by anti-western thugs and religious fanatics. Iraq is the model for what the Middle East should be.

With Hamas emerging as probably what will be modeled after the Taliban when they seized control of Afghanistan, the United States needs to cut off every single dollar of aid to this newest of Evil Empires. Why should our own money be used to fund homocidal attacks against one of our allies and possibly even us? I am quite sure that the Hitler incarnate in Iran will probably provide whatever money and weapons these animals need to kill more Jews.

Despite the hopes of Jimmy Carter and the anti-Zionists on the left, I highly doubt that Peace with Israel will be the foremost thought of this new Evil Empire. Are we willing to give this genocidal regime a chance continue where their fallen friend Adolf Hitler left off?

One final thought. I find it peculiar that whenever a new Socialist Dictator or a Terrorist rises to power over a once peaceful nation against the United States or Israel, somewhere behind the scenes stands former President Jimmy Carter with that stupid smile on his face.


Lonewatchman said...

People like Carter don't need to worry about terrorism or war. They can support any lunatic they want. Carter has enough money and resources to live comfortably even after nuke strikes around the world. For a man that publicly divorced himself from his faith, and has the resources of the UN, it is not a problem to rig elections for Communists and Muslims.

LaoK said...

Iraq voted for Islamic fundamentalist parties too. And the Sunnis that you say are working towards such great progress have detonated far more suicide bombs in the past three months than the Palestinians have. And anyway what would make Iraqis more likely than Palestinians or Syrians to vote for what you would consider democratic candidates anyway? The fact that American troops are on their soil?

Check out this poll: even given the obvious error regarding Fatah's support versus Hamas's, the margin still allows for many Palestinians still support peace (