Friday, January 06, 2006


The Republican Leadership won't say it. The President really won't say it! BUT WAIT, The Rogue Jew is'nt afraid to say anything, He'll say it, right? Hell yeah I will! Congressman John Murtha who is a Liberal Democrat is trully a steaming piece of Anti-American Shit!

The fact that he said "I wouldn't join the military today" just proves that he is really a spineless douchebag with no soul and no real love for his country. A typical Liberal Democrat.

I hope the Congressman runs into a big angry marine someday and that the Marine beats the crap out of him.

His efforts in congress as of late and the stupidity that has flowed from his mouth like runny shit, proves he never had any real love for his country and the men and women that he served with.

Congressman Murtha, may your wifes pubes be infested with the fleas from a thousand camels owned by Osama bin Laden. You sir, really do suck big wompam! The Rogue Jew invites you to kiss his big hairy ass you spineless, without a soul douchebag!


Anonymous said...

the only shit here is you - how dare you? he is a united state member of house of representatives, he is a 37 year veteran of the marines and verteran of 2 wars. he has knowlege and experience that the rest of us dont and he has all tyhe euthority he wants to disagree with the president. It make him an american that he is able to disagree not an anti american!

The Town Crier said...

He was in two wars and was in the marines for 27 years before becoming a congressman. You honesly think he is anti american?

The Town Crier said...


The_Bad said...

Awww, isn't that cute? The liberals don't like it when you talk about their partisans.

I think Zev is quite apt in his comments, and here is why:

liberal interviewer: "Would you join (the military) today?"

Congressman Jack Murtha (D-PA): “No.”

l.i.: "And I think you're saying the average guy out there who's considering recruitment is justified in saying 'I don't want to serve'"

C.J.M.: "Exactly right"

Excrement. This former Marine, hand-held by an obviously liberal interviewer, is being dishonest. Make up your own mind, though. Will you take the word of this former Marine and now partisan democrat regarding military service today, or will you take the word of active service personnel?

According to the Military Times poll published yesterday:

85% either completely or somewhat satisfied with their jobs, only 3% completely dissatisfied

82% would recommend a military career to others

73% would support a son or daughter’s plans to enlist

70% would re-enlist today (or extend their commitment if officers)

Of those who would re-enlist, the top three reasons came in at:
57% patriotism
46% pension
43% job security

90% rate the quality of their military lives as excellent or satisfactory

This son of a Marine thinks that Congressman Jack Murtha should be ashamed of himself. He has turned his back on both his service and the people serving now for the sake of partisan politics. This slime is being toted around proudly by democrats scrambling for a foothold on their opposition tactics. They tote him because he, like Senator Kerry, is a former serviceman now opposing war efforts. I think that this will, as with Kerry, affect democrats adversely in the long-run.

So, to the douchebag Murtha, this son of a Marine would like to remind you that Semper Fidelis is Latin for “always faithful”.

Ze'ev said...

I respect the fact that the man "Served" many years...But the fact remains that in the present time, his now undermining our military and the country for which he claims to serve. In my eyes, he has sold his soul and his spine for votes and to remain faithful to the leftist party for which he has chosen to support. He is a coward. Joe Lieberman has more guts in his circumsized penis then Murtha has in his whole body. Lieberman exhibits more virtue toward himself and the Jewish Community then Murtha shows toward the Military.

Murtha can still kiss my big hairy Jewish Butt!

Lonewatchman said...

I'm a veteran and I think Murtha is shit too. I call into question his military history, he was probably a spy back then which explains why he is a traitor in congress as well. In fact I question if McCain ever had it as bad as he claims. Maybe the real reason he wouldn't take the ticket home after he ws captured is because he knew showing up in America without the others would get him killed. I cannot find any other reason for a veteran to stab other service members in the back so swiflty and publicly, other than they were traitors from the start. Kerry and Levin are traitors and sacks of shit too. In a by gone era they would have all been in front of a firing squad.

Floyd's Lists said...

Firing squads for politicians...Floyd likes this very much!

Tovya @ Zion Report said...

Zev, you are right on the money. I actually wrote a Clinton bashing article today with you in mind (posted over at my blog).

Anonymous said...

Congressman John Murtha was never in the Koren war! and only served one year in Nam! a scratch to his head above his eye and a scratch to his cheek...In the 80ty's is when he went seeking purple hearts to continue his politics...Which got him where he is today...Try checking out CODE PINK site he is there....Not good for the USA or for the ones serving this country

Anonymous said...

I love how the right say they love this country and are patriotic, yet they support an administration that never served in the military. W. and company were too afraid to fight when it was their time, but people like Murtha and McCain lied and are cowards in the far rights mind.
Two liberal democrats made us a super power, FDR and Truman, and the Truman doctrine was the driving force along with the Marshall Plan in ending the Cold War. Liberal get it right when it comes to security and to prove it the two greatest losses of American life do to terrorism was under Reagan and W. So don't be fooled by the right because they are full of shit and only back it up by the bullshit they write. I'll take Murtha and McCain anyday over the biggest pussy in this country, George, I'll get my daddy to get me out of fighting, Bush!