Tuesday, January 31, 2006


I don't know what all of the ruckus is about. I personally think that Mohammad is the Bomb!Islamofacists in Europe are screaming their turbans off over a caricature featured in a Danish News publication.

The Islamic fundamentalist fruit cakes need to get a grip on their camels. They brought this crap on themselves. I know that whenever I think of Islam, I think of suicide bombers, flying planes into buildings, honor killings and terrorism! The blow themselves and innocent people to bits and then they scream like a Hollyweird diva at the least little bit of negative attention. I would say that Mohammad and George Clooney have some things in common.

Islam has perhaps the worst public releations department in the world. Maybe the Mullahs need to hire whoever the schmuck is that promotes attention whore Cindy Sheehan. Now thats a publicist!

The Islamic Terrorist group CAIR can kiss my fat hair tuchas! The Muslim world did this themselves. Religion of peace my butt! More like the religion of a million tiny peices blown to bits by Islamic Homocide Bombers.

If Islamic people want me to respect them as a peaceful people, then they need to get off of their Jew-hating rear ends and do something to reign in the Osamas and the Mohammads of this world that are hell bent on the destruction of the United States and the Jewish people.


Anonymous said...

The so called "moderate" muslims everyone keeps defending, including Bush, don't really exist. There are two kinds of muslims, one is the commited terrorist and commits terrorism. The other kind is the uncommited terrorist that likes terrorism but cannot work up the nerve to do it, yet protects/supports the commited.

Anonymous said...

I love It great