Sunday, November 13, 2005


I saw the most amazing thing on tv today during one of the morning "news" shows.

The media in the Arab country of Jordan have been showing clips of the Iraqi woman whose detonater failed during the homocide bombings in Jordan this past week. Their reasoning....They want to give the people of Jordan a face to which they can aim their anger. Can you believe it? The Jordanian Media actually SHOWS their people the true face of Terrorism.

Here in the United States, our Liberal Media shows a different angle when displaying their version of the "True Face of Terrorism". They seem to always put the face of our President and his Conservative supporters as the one to be angry at when it comes to Islamic Terrorist Attacks and even blame the President and those who support the Iraqi war when our soldiers are killed in action.

I actually tip my kippah to the Jordanian media for their boldness in reporting the truth. I give a huge Bronx cheer and a flying middle finger to the Liberal media of America for their biased reporting when it comes to Terrorism and our Military.

In Jordan, they even had the gall to show pictures of the would be bomber wearing her suicide bomb belt. The King of Jordan wanted his people to see what they face.

Here in America, our media has worked overtime to HIDE the "True Face of Terrorism". They took all of the scenes from 9/11 off of our tv's so as to not make us angry and bitter toward the maniacs that attacked us and the cowards that supported them. Who were they? Muslims. Arabs. Islamofacists scum bags who are hell bent in their agenda to destroy America and Israel.

They have already invaded Europe. They have overwhelmed the socialist welfare programs of France in their bid to pacify the Muslim immigrants who they allowed to flood into their country in their search for cheap labor sources.

Once again, The Rogue Jew applauds the people of Jordan, their King and their media for showing the TRUE FACE OF TERRORISM!

Baruch Hashem ........The Rogue Jew


Anonymous said...

It's a good thing Jordan shows their people who did this -- because otherwise everyone there would blame it on the U.S. and/or Israel. As it is, I'm sure a lot still do. You can pull the ostrich's head out of the sand, but not out of it's own ass.

Anonymous said...

If Jordan keeps up and turns out to be a civilized muslim country it will be like discovering Atlantis. Maybe the Ark is about to turn up too.