Saturday, November 19, 2005


How many times have I referred to former failure of a President Jimmuh Carter as a asshole? Obviously not eneough times and now I must add the lable of "Lying piece of shit" to the mix as a reference to the latest book this schmuck has written where he attempts to re-write history much as his fellow Socialist Liberal friends the Clintons have done in both of their books. Since reading both books of fiction by the Clintons, I thought I would never again have to read such a rearranged analogy of bullshit.....Yet as my wife says, I was wrong again!

I was just 11 yrs old when this moron became President of the United States, but even then I witnessed and remember to this date the stupidity that came out of the Oval Office during his 4 long years as our "Leader".

Even I remember double digit inflation, long gas lines, sky high interest rates, and even the fact that he is the person who got us into this mess with the Radical Islamics to begin with when he turned his back on the Shah of Iran. Readers, Jimmy Carter is the asshole that wanted America to bend over and take it up the ass from the Russians, the Chinese and Islamic Fundementalist.

After the way he royaly Screwed our nation, I have to wonder why anyone even cares what this putz has to say anymore. The Left wing "Mainstream" media keeps putting his stupid toothy grin on our tv as if to say "Jimmy, Please save us."

He even has the nerve to say that he brought religious freedom to Communist China. If I remember right in recent events within the confines of our Communist foe, many people have been persecuted for their religious beliefs in China. How in hell do you call that religious freedom?

Under Jimmy Carters watch as President the Misery Index as invented by Carter was at its highest.

In his Book, Jimmuh Carter gives advise to President Bush how to deal with Iran. Anyone who listens to this asshole deserves whatever "butt fucking" they get.

Jimmy, Go back to building houses and leave the leadership of this nation to the one that have the testicles and the fortitude to do it. You my misguided moron have neither and should just shut your pie hole before someone sticks their peanut in it!



Floyd's Lists said...

Floyd doesn't disagree with your opinion of the former President, but has to disagree with one point. Carter is, by no means, the reason we are in the situation we are with radical Islam. He most certainly didn't help the situation, but he did not create it either.

By the way, what in the bloody fuck are you doing reading the Clinton's books? Floyd would rather impale his ghoulies with a fork than so much as touch that vile trash.

Ze'ev said...

How can you say Carter did'nt get us into this mess. It all started in 1979 when that puss nut pig fucking whore left our peoples asses hanging in the wind. The shah was no saint, but was a far cry better then Saddam and the Ayohtohlla Kofuckinmani. Jimmy Peanut head Carter will forever go down in history as the biggest dip shit of a president to ever sit in the White House. Clinton will forever be a close second to Carter.

Floyd's Lists said...

Again, Floyd does not disagree with your overall assessment of former Presidents Carter and Clinton, but he must again stress that Carter is by no means the genesis of the situation.

In 1948, the United States supported the establishment of the Israeli State, which was overall considered to be an act of war against Islam. Again, Floyd agrees that Carter's actions certainly did not help the situation, but by no means caused them.