Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Oh my G-d! This sounds just like the crap that goes on at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport in Grand Rapids Michigan. Former Coast Guard and all. This is worth reading for all my friends at the GRR. Plus, whatever I can do to further irritate Max, John, Bob and Lori to remind them what a bunch of incompetent SCHMUCKS they really are. Of course the TSA heads deny any of the allegations of harrasment and incompetence just so that they can continue on with the mistreatment of Screeners and making their wallets fatter by RIPPING OFF the American taxpayer. I know as a taxpayer I am angry about the failure of DHS and TSA and what a waste of my tax dollars it has been. Especially with the overpaid morons who are suppose to be running the show.

TSA says "disgruntled" screeners' allegations are "absurd"

Logan Airport security operations, slammed with allegations of cronyism and abuse, are largely managed by a network of former U.S. Coast Guard officials, one of whom acknowledged management of security employees is founded on fear, the Herald has learned.

U.S. Homeland Security officials are reviewing allegations by several Logan screeners who say their duties are being undermined by favoritism, inconsistent discipline and harassment by superiors.

"The higher echelon positions all go to Coast Guard people,'' said one screener who spoke on a condition of anonymity. "People have had it. They have waited and waited for things to change, and nothing has.''

The Transportation Security Administration, which is responsible for airport security nationwide, vehemently denied screeners' accusations, saying that out of 25 promotions at Logan since October 2004, none has gone to a former Coast Guard official.

However, TSA spokeswoman Ann Davis acknowledged several former Coasties are already in top management positions at Logan. Among them are federal security director George Naccara, assistant security director William "Russ'' Webster, deputy assistant director Robert Snyder and William Leahy, who is assigned to the agency's Northeast Area Staff. Massport CEO Craig Coy also served in the Coast Guard as did two of TSA's 19 screening managers at Logan.

U.S. Rep. Michael Capuano (D-Somerville) has called on Homeland Security Inspector General Richard Skinner to investigate screeners' charges. ``All I want is for them to come in and take a legitimate look at these allegations,'' he said. "If they find each and every one is based on insufficient concerns ? fine.''

Screeners have complained of continual harassment by superiors and many said assistant security director Webster acknowledged in a May video message that management of employees was founded on fear and needed reform.

TSA spokeswoman Ann Davis said screeners' charges are "absurd.''

"TSA's primary focus is ensuring the security of those traveling through Logan Airport, not entertaining the delusions of a few disgruntled employees,'' she said.

Two hundred screeners at Logan signed a petition to Congress last summer decrying alleged labor abuses by TSA officials. All 12 Massachusetts congressmen have asked the Homeland Security Department to investigate.

Source: The Boston Herald (10/24/05)

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