Tuesday, October 04, 2005


How many people besides me are feeling betrayed by the choice President Bush made for appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court?

I just could not believe it when I heard yesterday who he picked to succeed Justice Sandra Day O'Conner. He had a real chance to turn the court around and in my opinion he dropped the ball!

Cronyism. Plain and simple. I thought the Clintons were bad with the choices they made for top spots in their administration, and having worked for the dumbest and the lamest at the TSA, my eyes have opened wide as to how these people got their jobs.

President Bush gave up a real opportunity to leave a positive lasting legacy of his Presidency. I am more then dissapointed. I feel downright betrayed! I voted for him because I thought he was a strong decisive leader. He esentially did not want to fight with the Democrats and literaly threw in the towel.

I still insist that I voted for the right person. I could never with a clear conscience have ever voted for Sen. John Kerry, but as Republicans, we need to find a leader more like Ronald Reagan. Someone who isn't afraid of a good fight. Someone who will appoint strong people to high positions based on their experience and abilities intead of friendships and close ties.

I am sincerely hoping that Harriet Miers has an epiphany much like former Democrat Sen. Zell Miller and makes Chucky Schumer and Harry Reid shit their gizzards when she starts making decisions on the court based on the Constitution and not the advancement of Socialism from the bench like the ACLU's "ace up the sleeve" Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

What's next? Will there be another Pardongate? This is one time I am praying that I'm wrong.


Lonewatchman said...

It seems that wimpitis is a congenital disorder. If GHWB would have not given in to his wimp impulses during the liberation of Kuwait, Saddam would have been dead long before GWB ever thought about running for Pres. It may be that just too many of GWB's advisors are so stuck in the beltway mentality they actually believe that when there is a scandel going on then the president is not suppose to be strong in the face of an opponite. But we know that the only people in the real world that think these scandels weaken the president's mandate are people that already hate the president so it makes no difference if he offends them. Bush seems to be suffering from the same misconception that the Dems are, in that they both seem to believe there will be a third contest. But I believe the Dems will absolutly beat Bush in the next election. Bush needs to remember he is not going on to run for office again, so he should come out swinging against the Dems every chance he gets. As far as the Dems go, I hope they keep trying to get themselves in a position to beat Bush next election, because it makes them do and say stupid things while allowing the real Rep candidates quiet time to build their positions and support network.

Floyd's Lists said...

Floyd believes the spirit of Ronald Reagan lives on in his adopted son, Michael. Furthermore, Floyd thinks the other Reagan kids are asshats.

Lonewatchman said...

The spirit of Ronald Reagan likes women.

Floyd's Lists said...

One would certainly hope so!

Anonymous said...

Floyd seems to be an "asshat" himself. What a freaking dickhead! Keep em coming Floydo, you're cracking me up.