Thursday, October 13, 2005



In 1913, the "Noble Prophet" Drew Ali formed the Moorish Science Temple of America. Ali preached hatred against all whites and urged blacks to embrace Islam.

By 1929, Ali's movement had 36 Islamic "temples" and over 100,000 black followers.

Preaching vicious hatred against whites in general, and Jews in particular, was as popular among blacks in those days as it is today.

Another example of black attraction to violent anti-white and anti-Semitic hatemongering came in 1914, when Marcus Garvey, a Jamaican immigrant, formed the Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA), a pro-Nazi black racist cult.

Con artist Marcus Garvey was a violently anti-white, anti-Semitic and anti-American black Jamaican immigrant who stole millions from his supporters and went to jail for mail fraud in connection with his phony investments - By mail as well as through newspaper advertisements, Marcus Garvey solicited investment in several companies formed under the umbrella of his Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA), the best known of these being the Black Star Line, a shipping and passenger enterprise whose name derives from the White Star Line, the famous operator of the ill-fated Titanic and other great vessels. Garvey's sales pitches were always laced with anti-white venom, more or less subtle depending on its (white or black) venue. ("What White men have done Negroes can do." "NEGROES AWAKE! The time has come to save your Race from the burning stake." "Everywhere Negroes are experiencing considerable difficulty securing passage of the steamship lines controlled by white interests." "White men have invested in their own propositions and to-day they make their millions and crush the soul of the Negro. Now is the time for the Negro to invest in the BLACK STAR LINE so that in the near future he may exert the same influence upon the world as the white man does to-day.") Garvey went bankrupt through widespread mismanagement and gross corruption, which included the payment of kickbacks to himself and his friends to purchase unseaworthy vessels at six times their true value.

In 1920, UNIA held a huge parade down Lenox Avenue in Harlem with 25,000 black marchers.

By the 1930s, Garvey was praising Hitler and Mussolini for their anti-Americanism and their anti-Semitism.

It was in this atmosphere of overwhelming anti-white and anti-Semitic hatred in the black community that the Black Muslims were created as a mass movement.

In 1929, the "Noble Prophet" Drew Ali was arrested and charged with the murder of one of his rivals, Sheik Claude Greene, another black Muslim leader who called for the extermination of all whites.

Ali was released on bail pending trial on the murder charge, when he also was assassinated by his fellow black Muslims in July 1929.

One of Ali's followers, Wallace D. Fard, a.k.a. Wali Farad Mohammed, formed the Nation of Islam organization after Ali was murdered.

The "mysterious" Wallace D. Fard, the founder of the Nation of Islam - Wallace D. Fard, a.k.a. Walli Farad, a.k.a. Professor Ford, a.k.a. Farrad Mohammed, a.k.a. F. Mohammed Ali, a.k.a. Wallace Fard Mohammed, was a mulatto identified by FBI fingerprint files as Wallie D. Ford, an Oregon-born convict. He claimed to have been born in Mecca, a story echoed by his follower, the "Honorable" Elijah Mohammed. A short time before he "mysteriously" disappeared, Fard took to calling himself "Allah" and "G-d."

Fard was known by his many black followers as "Mullah Fard," "Prophet Fard," "The Great Mahdi" and "The Savior."

Fard taught that blacks are really part of the ancient, long-lost Muslim tribe of Shabazz. He claimed that all whites are "devils," and that there will ultimately be a war between the races in which all "white devils" will be annihilated.

Fard - like all of his predecessors and rivals - was eventually murdered.

Following Fard's "mysterious" assassination in 1934, one of his followers, Elijah Poole, took over the Black Muslim movement. Poole changed his name to Elijah Mohammed.

As a supporter of Hitler and Nazi Germany, Elijah Mohammed was sentenced to five years in prison for encouraging blacks to refuse to serve in the American armed forces during World War II.

While in a federal penitentiary, Mohammed discovered that black convicts were an especially fertile source of support for the anti-white and anti-Jewish teachings of the Black Muslims.

Mohammed started spreading his ideology of black Muslim Nazi hatred in the nation's prison system. The effort was enormously successful. Many thousands of black criminals enthusiastically embraced the Black Muslim theology.

In 1947, a black rapist, pimp and drug dealer named Malcolm Little learned about the Black Muslims while serving a prison sentence in the Michigan state penitentiary. Malcolm Little immediately joined the Islamic movement, changing his name to Malcolm X.

In 1952, upon his release from prison, Malcolm X started preaching throughout the United States on behalf of the Black Muslims.

The Muslim Koran refers to all non-Muslims as "devils," "dogs" and "pigs." Malcolm X quickly adopted that Islamic scriptural language by referring to all whites as "devils," "dogs" and "pigs."

However, on a religious pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia in 1964, Malcolm X was persuaded by his Saudi hosts to accept the true Islamic teaching that Muslims must hate all non-Muslims, but that their hatred must be based upon religious belief, not upon race. Therefore, even whites can become Muslims. On the other hand, anyone who is not a Muslim must be destroyed regardless of their race.

The Bolshevik news media in America immediately hailed Malcolm X's new "moderate" and "tolerant" philosophy, which merely called for exterminating all non-Muslims, but would spare whites who converted to Islam.

On February 21, 1965, Malcolm X was assassinated in New York City by his fellow Black Muslims.

When Elijah Mohammed died in 1975, he was succeed by his son, Wallace Deen Mohammed. Wallace Deen aligned his movement with Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf Arab sheikdoms in order to obtain funding from Arab oil billionaires.

As part of this new alignment, Wallace Deen adopted the Saudi Wahabi teaching that Muslims must hate and destroy all non-Muslims, but that the hatred must be based upon religious belief rather than race.

This viewpoint caused a split in the Black Muslim movement. Louis Farrakhan is the leader of a large group of Black Muslims who broke away from Mohammed Deen's organization to form a new Nation of Islam group.

Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam insist that all whites are "devils," even if they become Muslims. Whites can never be real Muslims, Farrakhan teaches, because all Caucasians are from the "seed of Satan."

Wallace Deen teaches his followers that whites are no longer "devils" if they become Muslims. But non-Muslims - including non-Muslim blacks - are all "devils" whom Allah commands his followers to destroy.

Unfortunately, these hatemongering movements are not mere fringe groups in the black community. Polls show an overwhelming majority of blacks strongly support Farrakhan. Over 500,000 blacks attended his Million Man March in 1995. All major black politicians, black community leaders and black organizations publicly support Farrakhan and participate in his rallies.

Some black Muslims believe in murdering people based on religion, not race - Unlike the Nation of Islam's Lous Farrakhan, who says that all whites are "devils" destined for extermination, Black Muslim leader Wallace Deen Mohammed (a.k.a. Wallace D. Muhammad, a.k.a. Wallace Delaney Muhammad, a.k.a. Warith Deen Muhammad, a.k.a. Warithuddin Muhammad, a.k.a. W. Deen Mohammed) follows the genuine Islamic doctrine of murderous violence against non-Muslims regardless of race. (Wallace Deen Mohammed blames the Mossad, the Israeli secret service, for the 1934 murder of black Muslim leader Wallace Fard, fourteen years before Israel became a nation.)



Lonewatchman said...

Black muslims will get themselves killed. Arab muslims believe the only correct language is the language the first koran was written in, and they believe only Arabs are the correct people. They will use nonArab muslims for their purpose to defeat the West, then they will turn on everyone not Arab.

Anonymous said...

As I prepare for a civil service exam scheduled for October 18, 2005, I struggle with a desire to travel to Washington, D.C. for the Millions More Movement activities, rather than voyaging half way across Pennsylvania to take another test.

Do I really want to take this exam and attempt to get on another civil service list?

Since 2003, I have participated and completed the State Civil Service process more than a dozen times. In fact, I have tested within the “Rule of Three” mandate (State must hire from within the top three), but they have yet to call me for an interview.

The Civil Service Commission has tactically explained their hiring practice, i.e., Pennsylvania agencies often “opt out” and instead use a little known exception to the process (management directive that grants an unfettered discretion) that allows them to ignore the employment list and promote almost any available lower classification (a current employee).

The Commonwealth’s excuse for not hiring me is no different that the excuse a local temporary employment agency (Robert Half International) recently provided. That is, despite the fact that I scored a perfect 100 percent on their required testing (the average score for everyone else is only 85 percent), and was given an almost perfect score for my interview, the employment agency has insisted since August 2004 that it can’t place me. And, the Pittsburgh EEOC district office, a federal regulatory agency with authority to enforce Title VII has suggested that there appears to be nothing wrong with the company’s reason for not placing me: Robert Half claims its clients continue to select (whites) other candidates who have tested well below my scores and have inferior work experience and there is nothing they can do about it.

Nonetheless, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan (Nation of Islam) has challenged all of us to rise above the things that have kept us divided in the past. The agenda of his Millions More Movement is to see how all of us, with all our varied differences, can come together and direct our energy, not at each other, but at the condition of the reality of the suffering of our people. He has directed us to use all of our skills, gifts and talents to create a better world for ourselves, our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, and the like. True That (word is bond)!

I really want to participate and get my swerve on (enter the conflict of eliminating poverty and injustice in American society). But, this year, I have to tend to my family’s needs. That is, they have cut off all of my utilities, placed tax liens on my property, and have us struggling on food stamps. But, I am a proud “functionally unemployed” black man, flexed, and bout it (real, not fake and true to the game).

No! I’m not going to make it to Washington, D.C. for the Millions More Movement Activities. I have to take the civil service exam. . . . I have to score within the top three to force the white man to get creative again.

The Honorable Minister hopes to help poor people learn how to help themselves, beginning with the knowledge that there is strength in numbers. I may not be there on October 16, 2005, in person, but as a black man tight (straight, legitimate and feeling really good at the moment) and on his hustle (taking care of my family), I’m already there in sprit.

If I could go to the Millions More Movement activities, I would hope to hear about the marked change of October 2005, from the last two political cycles when President George Bush (Karl Rove) used the power of the White house to coax first-tier candidates into important congressional races. In these crucial few months when candidates are entering races, raising money and recruiting staffs, republican hopefuls are quietly stepping off. There’s one obvious reason why republican hopefuls aren’t listening to the White House: Bush is an unpopular president.

Following the terrorist attacks of September 11, Bush won the admiration of most Americans (even some blacks) for resolute leadership in the face of a foreign threat. But, after the recent simpleton response to hurricane Katrina and his tone-deaf reaction to the needs of America’s poor, the GOP and the world now well understand that Bush has slipped into a hole and unfortunately it appears the HNIC won’t be climbing back out. That is, his message remains essentially hopeless worries and hopeful faith. He’s back again portraying the world as too treacherous, too dangerous, and too risky for anyone but the GOP. Karl Rove wants to keep America focused on terror and national security. And, then they went public with wacked (crazy stupid) information suggesting possible subway attacks in New York (a city on orange alert the second-highest-level-indicating a high risk of terror attack since the color-coded warning system was established after the September 11, 2002 attacks). Bush backed the decision to announce the threat publicly despite questions by most federal officials about its credibility. They even claimed the source of the threat had passed a polygraph test. In short, like always, the GOP knew America can’t second-guess the motive behind a terror alert.

If I could go to the Millions More Movement activities, I would hope to hear about black GOP conservatives who have gone out their way in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina to play the race and irresponsibility card hoping to cultivate the most reactionary forms of Christian fundamentalism alongside the extreme right for whom racism is an essential ideological component. Just yesterday black GOP conservatives gathered to discuss race and irresponsibility. BOND (The Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny) and the Heritage Foundation cosponsored the event: The New Black Vanguard Conference II. It was moderated by Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, Founder and President of BOND. Dr. Shelby Steele (Hoover Institution Senior Fellow), Joseph Phillips (Actor & Columnist), Linda Porter (Founder Jochbed Education Project), and La Shawn Barber ( attempted to reflect upon policy questions they claimed of major significance to black communities.

In the course of a denunciation of current black leadership they enumerated some of the standard racist conceptions often voiced by the right wing: The view that welfare programs had created among blacks a culture of irresponsibility; there is an enormous cost for risky behavior within the black family (promiscuous women and fatherless households); and, one generation of blacks has followed another into poverty.

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson has suggested in the past that America shouldn’t blame racism or President Bush and the GOP for what happened to thousands of poor blacks during and after hurricane Katrina. He said “The truth is black people died, not because of President Bush or racism, they died because of their unhealthy dependence on the government and the incompetence of Mayor Ray Nagin (a black man) and Governor Kathleen Blanco.” The black GOP conservative singled out Rev. Jesse Jackson, members of the Congressional Black Caucus, and Rapper Kanye West, all of whom he says blamed President Bush for not doing enough to help black people.

Yes! Rev. Jesse Jackson is on the record calling the president’s response “incompetent.”

Yes! During NBC’s celebrity telethon for hurricane Katrine victims on September 2, 2005, the scripted program took an unexpected turn, when Rapper Kanye West went off the script during the live broadcast, declaring “George Bush doesn’t care about black people.”

But, black GOP conservatives are nothing but house slaves. They blindly follow simple-minded people. In slavery days we had house slaves and field slaves. The house slaves were “well behaved” and “rewarded” by being allowed to work in the “big house” close to the master. The field slaves were “rough” and “functionally unemployed.” Thus the people were divided and pitted against themselves, instead the common enemy (extreme right forces and Christian fundamentalists).

If I could go to the Millions More Movement activities, I would hope to hear about how da fam in the Burgh (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) can get rid of some punk ass black politicians that are indifferent to the plight of "functionally unemployed" individuals and their families. The last time da fam in the Burgh had oportunity to "break bread" with a bout it black leader was August 19, 1997. On that particular day the Honorable Minister accepted my question (from the audience) related to how black males can be a better father to their children. Among other things, he eloquently advised the group of black politicians on how we can come together and direct our energy, not at each other, but at the condition of the reality of the suffering or our people. But it's October 2005, conditions for blacks in the Burgh have become more precarious. The city is now controled by (in the closet) black GOP conservative house slaves.

No Diggety!

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Anonymous said...

Its wrong to hate anybody, but Malcolm X said it best when he said,"to ask the black man why do you hate whites is like asking the rape victim why do u hate the rapist". Whoever wrote this article is only showing their true colors, and cant be taken serious. You hate blacks, so of course any black person that stands up for them selves is going to be wrong in your eye site.