Tuesday, October 18, 2005


I have been pondering this article for some time. It is, as one would say an EXPOSE'. Why? For I am about to expose one of the many misgivings about the TSA.

One thing that perplexed me for some time, is why did we go through the extensive background checks when they were going to hire and PROMOTE someone who was a convicted felon anyway?

At the Gerald R. Ford International Airport in Grand Rapids, Michigan. One of the "too many" administrators for the Transportation Security Administration was convicted 3 times of Operating a Motor Vehicle Under the Influence of Alcohol. Now for those of you not familiar with the Criminal Code in the State of Michigan, the third offense of Drunk Driving is a FELONY!

This person was arrested and convicted in Barry County Michigan. Myself and another Screener went to the courthouse in Hastings and requested to look at the file and to amazement, it was the person we thought it was.

It is AMAZING what a person can find Googling peoples names and even running different names through OTIS. OTIS is the Offender Tracking Information System in Michigan.

This person was promoted recently within the DHS to the position of a Laison between DHS and the FBI.....A convicted felon!

Ironic part of this story is that a good friend of many of us screeners was let go. Fired! Freaking Fired! Let the F*#k go! Why? Third offense drunk driving. A felony. Why was one person allowed to have his job and even become PROMOTED while being a convicted felon but one was let go?

Inconsistency. Lack of leadership. Poor leadership. Down right foul and cruel administration. I have spoken to Human Resources people. Experts in their field and told them about our Administration and our human resources. These people are totally amazed at the inadequacies and the ineptness of the TSA's HR and Administration. And for those of your questioning my inpartiality.......I have the back up of a hundred witnesses to this nightmare called the TSA.

I will not release the name of the person that I was speaking of in this article for my ire and anger is not aimed at him. He was a good man. My point is the inconsistency and the biased treatment recieved within the TSA. The one let go for his third offense was a good man also. Well liked amongst the Screeners. Why keep one and not the other? How does a convicted felon get the job to begin with? The screener was convicted while employed. The administrator was convicted before. Merely a few months before being hired by the TSA. A mall cop to boot.

You be the judge......I just report the facts.......................Good Day.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Why are you so suprised? This is the fucking TSA and mgmt does what ever it wants. I have been a screener for three years and I have seen the most inept bunch of fucking idiots that have never done anything before in their pathetic lives become top level managers like our AFSD in Phoenix Dave Couts. The man is a fucking retard! No degree, no similar experience, terrible writting skills but a lot of bull shit.

Anonymous said...

there was also the indian who thumps his podium and makes cat-sounds...amen brutha