Thursday, October 27, 2005


Next time your traveling through the Gerald R. Ford International Airport in Grand Rapids Michigan, and you see a old man operating the X Ray screen and he looks old eneough to be Moses' Father, ask yourself just how safe you feel.

Word from my sources from within the TSA have told me that Grand Pa Moses, as I'll call him has to be shadowed ALL of the time by another qualified screener because he let a huge knife get through one day, although it was caught shortly after by a more qualified person on the x ray.

Lori probably won't let him go till she sees her name on his will. Sue the cop will fight her tooth and nail for that though...She's been working harder and longer on that then anyone.

Developing Story...............................


Anonymous said...

This is mean and cruel!!!!! This "old man" has served his country for most of his life and patriotism is very important to him, he is the sweetest man you will ever meet. He looks forward to coming to work everyday (at 4am mind you), working for TSA is way he is still able to serve his country even though he is in his 80"s. So what if he needs shadowing on x-ray, there are people half his age that need it too. I admire this man for continuing to serve his country, and for being a dependable, positive role model for the rest of us at GRR.

Anonymous said...

Just because he helped save the world once, doesn't give him the right to threaten it now. It is not respectful for him to be allowed to work beyond his ability, on the contrary. It is disrepectful to leave him in a position that could result in his entire legacy to being ruined should anything ever happen at GRR in which is he involved. If you want him to be remembered as a hero, then rationaly, you should want him to enjoy retirement and publish his autobiography. Would let a man jump out of an airplane without a parachute because he used to be an astronaught?