Tuesday, September 06, 2005


I was watching a report on the evening news about people in New Orleans that were NOT asking "Where is the help". "Why is'nt my government helping?"

This one guy was cleaning the streets near his home, he was scrounging up supplies such as water and food, and he was helping people who needed help. He was as self sufficient as one person could be. He was not being a victim. He was doing what he needed to do and he sure in hell was not waiting around for someone to help him. He was helping himself and others.

And while I'm on the subject of the hurricane. Sean Penn, Hollyweird actor and self absorbed asshole, was seen trying to help people that had turned themselves into victims. The only problem was that this moron had no room in his boat because it was full of his "Entourage". Photographers and his security personel. Seems to me that if he really was there to HELP the people that were stranded in the floodwaters of Katrina, why in the hell does he need photographers in the boat. The fact of the matter is, that this short fused punk who has not put out a movie worth pissing on in freakin years was only there to satisfy his own ego.

Just like all the other Hollyweird hoodlums like Peirce Brosnon and other Liberal scum from the land of fruits and nuts, the only interest they have in Hurricane Katrina is how to get their botoxed muggs in front of a camera and turn this into a "It's All About Me" campaign in their massive ego feeding frenzy.

Hey Sean and Peirce and all you other Schmucks from Hollywood. If you really want to help, just reach deep into your pockets........Real deep and just give without having to tell a reporter from CNN, People, or Entertainment Tonite about what you gave. I don't want to hear you sing a song about a freaking storm, I don't want to hear you repeat over and over again about how you hate the President. Just Shut the F--k Up! Either help without having to have an audience or don't help at all. You have just proven how egotistical and self centered you all really are!

Oh, by the way. In all of his hurry "rescue", Sean Penn forgot to put the plug in his boat and nearly sank it. Way to go asshole!

I can't wait to see if Sen. Ted "hic" Kennedy will try to drove to Loisianna to assist. If anyone from New Orleans is reading this....."Don't Get In the Car with TED!" It's a known fact he does not drive well near water.

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