Friday, September 23, 2005


Is it just me, or are the Democrats the biggest bunch of whiners and losers you have ever laid your eyes upon?

Former President Jimmy Carter, perhaps THE BIGGEST example of a failure in leadership in all of American history, is out on his stump again declaring that Al Gore won the election in 2000. Leave it to a loser and a failure to come to the defense of a loser and a failure.

In the meantime, with appointment of Roberts having cleared the commitee and be sent to the Senate floor, Madame Hitlery Clinton, Senator from New York and her little cowtowing punk friend Senate Minority Leader "What's His Name" have declared they will vote no on the appointment of Roberts to the Supreme Court.

Of course they will vote no. Hell I already knew that! Like that was some deep dark secret!


Lets break this down for those of you who are slow to follow this: Liberal Democrats such as Hillary Clinton, Ted Kennedy, John Kerry and all of their buddies stand up and cheer and SUPPORT the right to poke a hole in a babies head and suck out its brains before being completely born, but they OPPOSE the right to put to death a convicted murderer. (DEATH PENALTY)

Did I examine this right. Let's Kill Children but let Murderers Live!?! How freakin backwards is that?

I thought that the Democrats did everything "FOR THE CHILDREN"? Every time Hillary opens her ugly mouth she declares she's doing it for the Children. In the same breath, they support a WOMANS RIGHT to kill her children before they are born, yet oppose the advancement of "WOMENS RIGHTS" in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Liberal Democrats support the "Religion of Peace", Islam but oppose public displays of Judeo-Christian beliefs.

The Liberal Democrats support the RIGHTS of ISLAMIC TERRORISTS who want to kill all Christians and Jews but in the same breath want to PUBUBLICLY TAR AND FEATHER AMERICAN SOLDIERS WHO ARE DEFENDING THIS COUNTRY!

The Liberal Democrats support the rights of GAYS AND LESBIANS but oppose any legislation to protect and assist the what is considered a NORMAL FAMILY! You remember what that is? One mom, one dad!

The Liberal Democrats Support the current tax system which penalizes a person for being successful while rewarding a person who is lazy! Or get this, the left supports a tax system that penalizes "Married Couples" , (a man and a women for those of you who forgot what that is.) but yet rewards single parents who continue to reproduce from multiple partners. (SLUTS)

How more clearly do I have to spell it out? The Liberal Democrats are the most F*&Ked up group of "people" I have ever seen or heard!!!

Who in the hell keeps these people in power? Well to start, people as f*#ked up as they are which are truly in the minority. The remainder of their supporters I believe are confused gullable people who still believe that the Party of John F. Kennedy is still the same party of 1960.

I trully believe that if President John F. Kennedy were alive today to see what his party has become, he would shoot himself in the head.

Have a good Weekend...............................................The Rogue Jew


Guess Who said...

There are single parents out there that have children from ONE FATHER, but the father was a loser and left the family. What, they dont deserve breaks? Oh yea, thats right, my bad. Of couse every male would think that.

Lonewatchman said...

Guess, notice how conditioned you have been by the liberal social engineers. Rogue was clearly talking about women that are tramps. At no point did he ever say all women are tramps, nor did he say that all single mothers are tramps. Over the years social engineers have shaped the way people think and respond to criticism by training people to personalize any criticism about anyone. This is how we end up in a situation were a man calls some women loose and another women whom it does not apply to takes offense, the trick the social engineers have pulled is making good people fight for bad people without even knowing it. The bad people get to hide behind the good people that took offense to something not directed at them. Take fo instance OJ Simpson, even though he was not convicted of murder, he was indeed an abusive husband that at least 2 wives has testified to, police reports documented, and a 9-11 call recorded, the man is a menance to women. However, anyone that took issue with OJ's appauling behavior was labeled a racist, even to such a degree that NOW would not speak up about his history of abuse. Essentially OJ was able to shield himself from blame by hiding behind good Black Americans because the social engineers convinced people an attack against OJ was an attack against all Blacks. People need to make sure they read what is written, hear what is said, and see what did happen. The now automatic emotional response to any type of criticism instilled in so many people by the liberal socialist engineers has made debate, thinking, and reason fade into the sun set. Remember before you get upset at something, think about it and see if it applies to you, if it does not think about it again, you may even agree with it.

Anonymous said...

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