Sunday, September 25, 2005


What does pacifying your enemy get you? Just ask Israel! The animal like Palestinian "people" were given the land for their so called "Palestinian Nation", Thousands of Jewish settlers forced out of land and homes that belong to the Jewish people. How do these animals show their gratitude? They launch a barrage of rockets at Israeli cities along the Gaza border!

I tell you now, these vermin will not stop with obtaining their "Homeland". They seek one thing. The total destruction of the Jewish State of Israel! Rumor has it that al Queda is already establishing a base of operations in the Gaza Strip.

Message to the anti-war, peace loving pussies out there......Giving up and abandoning Iraq will not end the war that was declared by Radical Islamists against us and Israel. We need to fight this war to the bitter end. No more ACLU "they have rights" bullshit! They want rights, I'll give them rights....The right to a quick and speedy death by bullet or better yet....Lets Nuke the Bitches!!!

We have the strongest most powerful military in the world, but the Liberals with their defeatist mentality and their hatred for their own country have given the appearance to these assholes that we are weak!

The proof is right before our eyes in Israel. If we're not careful, if we let the liberals take control of our military might and our national security, then we might as well grease up our asses, bend over and take up the ass like any other good liberal pussy would do!

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Lonewatchman said...

There was one entertaining result of the Pals moving into the area, they swarmed the Egyptian border. Egypt has remember why all the other Arab countries keep the Pals at an arms length. Israel should start a covert propaganda action to tell the Pals about how great life is if you jump the boarder to Egypt. Let the Egyptians and the Pals fight it out for a few years.