Thursday, September 01, 2005


Dear Sen. Stabenow,

Now is the time for you to step up and take a leadership role. You have an opportunity to make a difference for this country, the state you were elected to serve and your political party. In the past you have aligned yourself with the extreme left of the democrat party under the guise of protecting the environment. You have done this at the sacrifice of the majority of the citizens of this state and this country. We have an energy production crisis in this country that is unprecedented in our history. The environmental regulations enacted by pandering politicians have strangled our ability to become a self sufficient energy producer.

There have been no new refineries built in years, yet our consumption of fuel has increased steadily year after year. Exploration has been limited by state and federal regulations to such an extent that we have to import more than half of our fuel needs. The same old excuse that it would hurt our environment to do so, is just so much smoke and mirrors politics. This country has vast energy resources that are waiting to be harvested.

All we need now is for you to have the courage and will to make it happen. Sen. Stabenow, can my family and the citizens of Michigan count on you to stop the partisan politics and offer real solutions to fix this problem? I hope the answer is yes. We don’t need any more of the hollow political rhetoric and shallow talking points that have become the hallmark of the once great Democrat party.


Name withheld

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