Thursday, September 29, 2005


I would like to send a hearty "Mazel Tov" and "Congradulations" to a loyal reader of The Rogue Jew who after returning from his tour of duty with the TSA in Alaska walked in to the offices at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport in Grand Rapids, Michigan and resigned!

After talking to him on the phone he said "I'm sick of working for idiots." He said he realized that the conditions are not going to improve and that with all of the personel cuts that all they are doing is working toward a privatized screening force.

Well John, Max, Bob and Lori....See, I'm not the only one that thinks you are all idiots. Another person leaving the screening force to work in the private sector is proof that you and the TSA suck as an employer, and as leaders!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

TSA GRR loses yet another loyal, professional, and knowledgable screener for no other reason than the leaders can't stop fucking people over. There are a lot of people that need to lose their jobs at GRR and most of them don't wear uniforms. But the fish stinks from the head down, and I really think it's time to........well let's leave that as to be continued.

Nate said...


Floyd's Lists said...

Floyd is amused that Nate, a Christian, has anything nice to say to Zev, a rouge Jew. Last Floyd heard, Mel Gibson caused a slight ruckus between the two of you, eh?

Lonewatchman said...

Why wouldn't a Christian have anything nice to say to a Jew? I think you are confused with muslims, the followers of the religion of KA-BOOM.

Anyway it's very easy to answer the Passion problem. We can say that whoever led the charge against Jesus in the Jewish community did it because they were trying to protect their culture, and history and prevent their belief system from being hi-jacked, so they followed God's will. From the Christian stand point Jesus has to die according to God's plan, so then Christians have to say it was God's will as well. If you believe Jesus was, and was crusified then it was right to crusify Jesus either way. You cannot blame anyone for Jesus' crusifiction other than God and Jesus if you are Christian.

Mel had less to do in stirring things up than the Anti-Deity League did.
Now if we could only get Sharon to protect his culture in Israel.

Floyd's Lists said...

Floyd thinks sarcasm can be extremely sarcastic at times. However, Floyd is pleased to see the immediate response to the ridiculous notion that anyone thought anything differently of anyone else after watching Gibson's film. Floyd is fond of snuff films, and this one was pretty well done.

Anonymous said...

Floyd, you spelled Rogue wrong in one of your ubiquitous comments...get it together man.

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Hoodia said...

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