Saturday, July 30, 2005


This is what's occurring every single day at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport in Grand Rapids, Michigan. TSA officials have warned their screeners and made them sign a memo basicly telling them that as Government Employees, they are not allowed to speak out against the very government for which they work. If they want to work for the Transportation Security Administration, they then have to give up their Constitutional Rights to FREE SPEECH! All in an effort to silence them from revealing what incompetent Administration, Management, and Supervisors they truly have. To me, it is a classic case of Government Fraud. The people running the TSA in Grand Rapids, Michigan don't want people to know how poorly they are handling things. Let it be Known though, The Screeners themselves at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport are the finest in the business, bar none. It is because of their competence that they make the Incompetent Boobs who think they are running the show look good. How do the Screeners get repaid for their efforts?.....Intimidation, Verbal Abuse, Physical Assault, and just plain and simple, NO LEADERSHIP WHATSOEVER!

Good leaders are suppose to help their subordinates succeed. What the Screeners at GRR have is OVERSEERS. Supervisors who are unwilling to make decisions that benifit their team's efforts to do the job; Afraid to rock the boat. Most of these clowns, the supervisors and both the managers, have, as I believe, realized that they have the best job that they will EVER have in their lives. They know that no one in their right minds in the private sector would ever give them the opportunity to be such tremendous screwups as they are right now working for the Government. As we all know, the Federal Government is not out to make a profit. They exist for the sole purpose of spending YOUR money as foolishly as possible because, simply, They know it's not their's!

Infringing on Constitutional Rights. Hindering of Free Speech. Next thing you know, the FSD and the AFSD alongside of both bungling boobs who fill the positions of Screener Manager will be burning the Constitution and the Bill of Rights as part of their own version of the Patriot Act. TSA STYLE!

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Lonewatchman said...

This is pathetic, if the leadership wanted to shut down this web site, all they'd have to do is stop treating the screeners like shit, then there would be nothing to talk about. But the fact is they are so narrow minded and simple they cannot accept themselves as both the problem and the solution.