Friday, July 01, 2005


The leftist, socialist liberal Democrats just never cease to show their true colors as the hipocritic schmucks that they are.

Last week, Karl Rove, at a fund raising function made statements directed at the Leftist liberals about their lack of support toward the troops and the war in general.

Sen. Hitlery Clinton was quick to retaliate by demanding that Karl Rove apologize for his statements and demanding that New York Govenor Pataki take Rove to task for what he said.

Pataki responded that he was not going to do any such thing and that if he did, it would only happen if Sen. Clinton would be equally outraged at what Sen. Durbin had said about comparing our men and women in uniform to Hitler's Nazi Army.

One thing that I would like to take notice on is the fact that Sen. Clinton's media machine is working in high gear to try to make her come out as a Moderate Democrat, not liberal. Why is Clinton upset about anything being said about Liberals if she is not one of them.......BECAUSE SHE IS A LIBERAL. SHE IS ABOUT AS FAR TO THE LEFT AND AS MARXIST IN HER THINKING AS ONE COULD GET!

I myself, having had my leash removed and am more free then ever to say whatever I wish to say, have only 2 words for Sen. Hitlery Clinton. "FUCK YOU!" And the same goes to every other socialist Liberal Democrat such as Ted "hic" Kennedy, Sen. Durbin, Failed Former President Jimmy Carter, and the most recent Liberal Failure to try and bullshit their way into the White House, Sen. John Kerry.

Before any Republican ever apologizes for anything, and I mean ANYTHING, I would like to hear former President Bill "BJ" Clinton apologize to the country for getting caught with his pants down instead of doing his job and apprehending Osama bin Laden. When the opportunity was given to him and Osamas head was offered to him on a silver platter by the leaders of the Sudan, good ole Blow Job Bill was way too busy getting a hummer, and I'm not referring to a large SUV.

Or how bout an apology from Failed former President Jimmy Carter, who in his defeatist mentality and Liberal ways, devestated and demoralized our military strength in the world theatre to the point where our great nations national security was in serious trouble, and let's not forget the hostages in Iran and the reason they were put in the situation that they were in. Carter turned his back on our ally the Shah which allowed for the Radical Islamofacists to take over the country of Iran, thus launching the Jihad against America.

No apologies from me, thats for sure. I regret nothing that I have ever said, and if I hurt your feelings in any way, then you probably had it coming. So all you Liberal do gooders, Politically Correct Schmucks, and Ass kissers of the world, I give you a big huge Roguish Middle Finger Salute, and a loud "Fuck You!" You know who you are!

The Rogue Jew!

The Rogue Jew


Mother Hen said...

Isn't that just the way the Liberal's good old double standards work? Tell us how you really feel Rogue! :)

Anonymous said...

Dearest "Zev"

While I agree with your political views TOTALLY, I disagree with the horrible vehemence with which you deliver them. (Sorry but your tirades remind me of someone else?)

Everyone, but everyone is entitled to their views, "Zev". And, why hate people just because of their political views (or religious ones)? I mean feel sorry for them if you feel they are misled, and work whole heartedly towards what you stand for, but don't hate. It solves, resolves nothing.

And to paraphrase a song if I may, "What the World needs now is love, sweet love". We don't need more hate.

Not one of your prouder moments, dearest "Zev". Certainly not one your Mom could be proud of.
You are much, much better than that.

God Bless,