Thursday, June 16, 2005

SOUNDING THE ALARM! Report by the Lonewatchman exclusively for the ROGUE JEW

There isn't a string of profanity long enough to describe what a
worthless, treasonous pile of dog crap Senator Durbin truly is.
I was a guard at GTMO for nearly all of 2002. I’m going to tell you the
truth about GTMO; the detainees live well, so well that the guards are
actually terrorized by the officers because we have to be "sensitive" to
murderers and thugs.
First I will tell you that I know every detainee at GTMO belongs there, not only because the tribunals found that a vast majority of the cases were sound, but because of the problem of space and resources.
Every detainee in GTMO started out in a detention center in
Afghanistan where they were screened to find out if they had
intelligence value. In GTMO there is limited space and man power;
moving detainees from the middle east to Cuba is very expensive and
requires a lot of man power. If a detainee winds up in GTMO, it’s
because he belongs there. Now there were a hand full of detainees who
“won” their tribunal cases, but this would have happened anyway as
detainees are sent home fairly regularly because they lose intelligence
value. If a detainee gets off from a tribunal, he was bound to get off
Now let’s talk about the terror the detainees are still allowed to
inflict on the American soldiers via “political correctness”. Of course
we’ve all heard about Islam’s deep prejudice against women, so of
course we don’t want to offend terrorists so the GTMO leadership
treat female soldiers like subhumans. Female soldiers are constantly
being barred from the duties they trained for and they must follow an
entire series of guidelines just because they are female. Where is NOW
now? I guess this exposes NOW for what it really is, a social control
group for women. NOW doesn’t care about women's rights, they care about
making sure the female voting block goes Dem, no matter how anti-woman
the Dems are. (Side note: Chubby Jewish girls are not humidors).
So now that we know the GTMO leadership enforces the Taliban
restrictions on American female soldiers we have to wonder why, as I am
searching a cell one day, I discover a copy of Maxim magazine. It turns
out the sack of crap detainee was allowed this magazine by his interrogator for
ratting out his friends. This shouldn’t be too shocking since the 9-11
hijackers themselves visited a strip club the night before they attacked, though I
still suspect they were more interested in the glory holes in the jack
shop than they were in the girls themselves.
So what other "torture" did the detainees endure in the "gulag"?
Well, they always got the fresh fruit for their meals as a priority,
while we guards got whatever was left over during chow. Other rewards
for cooperating with the interrogator were: drinking pop, eating
McDonalds, watching Gladiator, and being taught how to read and write
in one’s native language at the expense of the American tax payer.
Here is the true show stopper however, the GTMO leadership was so sensitive about the Koran we’ve heard so much about that they barred the guards from searching it, or even touching it. This got taken a step further when the leadership barred guards from searching the "groin area" of a detainee. These policies allow the poor, poor detainees only a very few places to hide their shanks.
I have tons more to say on GTMO, and as far as I’m concerned Durbin
should have been aborted, but since it’s too late for that, he should
be charged with treason, sedition, and be sent to a cell in GTMO
For now I am going to collect my thoughts and form a more detailed and
thoughtful report.

-The Lonewatchman

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