Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Sorry I have been out of touch for a while. Been busy gathering my thoughts on some issues in my personal life, but today I read some things that I just could not let go without touching on them,....Just a little.

First off. I would like to blow a hardy Bronx cheer to the liberal schmucks that thought John Kerry was the brilliant save all for their floundering party. Newly released Navy records of Sen. John Kerry show the 2004 Democratic presidential candidate, who was portrayed as the intellectual superior of President Bush, actually received a lower academic average than his rival while studying at Yale, including five Ds. To the contrary, President Bush recieved only one D during his entire four years at Yale...In Astronomy!

"It would have made them a laughing stock," Limbaugh said during his show today. "They're out there talking about Bush as a dunce. ... He (Bush) gets better grades at Yale than John Kerry. ... It's typical. [The Democrats are] a bunch of pretentious, spoiled, lying brats."

Secondly, I need to touch on the statement that Sen. Hitlery Clinton made about the Bush WhiteHouse being the "worse power abuser".

I would think that most NORMAL thinking people,(Republicans) would remember, but that the most liberal of Democrats would have to put down their bong or their crack pipe and go to rehab to remember that the Clinton Administration was the most power hungry and abusive administration to EVER sit in the Oval office, and that includes Madame Senator, the former first felon and Presidential wannabe, Hitlery Clinton!

Several members of the administration were indicted and imprisoned. Women were sexually harrased and allegedly raped! The Clintons, in their quest for ultimate power, abused the Executive Order powers more then any other President in history, which allowed them to advance their agenda while bypassing the normal avenues of the legislature, thus allowing them to "Legislate" from the Oval Office.

I think that "Living History" will show that the Clintons were by far the most corrupt, manipulative, and abusive couple in the history of Washington politics. One needs only to review the archives of this website to find the "Tale of the Tape" and the TRUE legacy left behind by Former President Bill Clinton and his partner in crime, Sen. Hitlery Clinton.

The Rogue Jew

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what an anomaly. most jews are so smart and witty.