Monday, May 02, 2005


I suppose that there were not eneough people killed in Iraq last week for the liberal mainstream media to have dedicated most of its news time to a story about a missing woman who was about to be married.

People turn up missing every single day...What in the world made this particular one more special then the hundreds of others? Now it turns out that she was a "Runaway Bride" and the media is left with egg on its face and no real story...I love it!

Last nite while flicking through the channels on the tv, I noticed a movie on CBS starring Rosie O'Donnell as a retarded fat girl. Hmmm, Reality tv at its best, Thought. I will credit Rosie though, she played the part of a mentally disabled woman rather well, almost as if she has had "Tons" of practice, excuse the pun.

Rosie has a blog too. You can find it at it's a hoot. I was glad to see that she is allowing readers to post comments on her drool that she is once again spewing. I left a doosie.

Rosie has recently been shooting off her fat mouth about President Bush, accusing him of being a war criminal and saying he should be tried in the Hague for war crimes, all the while slathering praise upon the treasonous Hanoi Jane Fonda for her trip to Vietnam when we were at war and giving aid and comfort to the enemy.

If your looking for good reading about war criminals, do a google search using BJ Bill Clintons name with the words "war criminal". The results are astounding and very damaging to the defenders of BJ Bill.

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