Friday, May 13, 2005


I guess that I have been a little dried up lately on what to write on the blog. I just cannot figure out what I have not said about liberal democrats. They're just is'nt anything left to say about them.

Anyone who has read my blog knows how I feel about liberals. My feeling about people is just something that I cannot hide or disguise.

We all know by now that Liberal Democrats are racist, obstructionist, American hating, undercover socialist communists, pussies who offer no new ideas, and no true leadership for America with a concern for our security and sovereignty as a super power nation.

Liberals only plan for America is to have us bend over and grab our ankles and take it up the ass by every "old world Eurotrash thugs, and murderous islamic jihadist that is out there dreaming about America's destruction.

My goal is not to convert liberals. Liberals in the true sense just are not ever going to realize how clueless and out of touch they are. Liberal Democrat leaders if you want to call them "leaders" are like cowboys leading cows to be slaughtered and served on their own tables. They pander to the stupid losers of the world who cannot even cast their votes correctly, let alone come out of their drug induced haze long eneough to remember that it is election day.

Liberals "Leaders" have even trained their minority constituency that do come out to vote, to do so with their hand out. "Vote for me, and I will give you the world." Empty promises made to people to lazy to become successful on their own, without the help of big government. Their's is the party of "You scratch my back, and I promise to scratch yours later." (Wink, wink)

Lip service is all that they offer to the dreams of freedom and liberty. They boast being the party of minorities and women, but when it comes to defending and fighting for those rights, they stick their heads in the sand and up their asses.

My wife asked me one day if I thought that a liberal democrat could have any redeeming values that I could admire, and I had to say unequivocaly....Absolutely Not! But for the record, I must add, that I mean "Liberal Democratic Leadership" in Washington. Their base of constituents are like seagulls hovering around a boat full of people waiting for a scrap of food to be thrown to them.

I make no apology for my feelings or these thoughts. If you feel that I have described you then YOU need to take a look in the mirror and ask yourself, "IS THAT ME?" "Am I a seagull waiting for a government scrap to be thrown to me?"

This is just my opinion, I may be wrong, BUT I DOUBT IT! The Rogue Jew

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