Saturday, May 14, 2005


Former First Lady and felon, Hillary Clinton caused "mass hysteria" while speaking at Agnes Scott College's, (a womens college by the way)commencment services this weekend, urging graduates to "spread the cause of women's rights and education around the world." Of course that would not include the once oppressive states of Afghanistan and Iraq, both of which were notorious for oppressive behavior toward women and children. Saddam's sons were famous for their raping of innocent women.
Once again, a liberal socialist Democrat speaks about women's rights and freedoms, but when it comes to acting on their words...That's where it ends.
Senator Hitlary Clinton of course being one of the obstructionists who bad mouths President Bush daily about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, which by the way was "ACTION" taken by the President, not just words, but ACTION, toward "spreading the cause of women's rights and education around the world."
I believe that during the scandalous and felonious Clinton Administration, the only thing that was spread was Monica's legs, surely nothing to do with freedom and liberty.


Jami said...

You seem to know a lot about words without substance.

For example, find one quote of Hillary questioning George Bush on Iraq or Afghanistan. Do cite it, please. And if you take it out of context, I'll know.

Hillary mistakenly supported Bush's (awful) decision to blow $300 billion and counting, and she cares enough about Iraqis and the service men and women we sent over that she votes to pay for Bush's wrong-headed war until either Rumsfeld miraculously decides to start thinking about how to end it or we get a better President and Cabinet by far.

Rogue Jew said...

Jami, go to this article:

Proof is in the pudding homie!

Rogue Jew said... Read this Jami!