Tuesday, May 17, 2005


I ask one simple question...How come when a Jewish or a Christian holy site is desecrated or vandalized, the press puts it on the back page or noone even says a word about it, but when a falsified story gets out about a koran going down the toilet and the liberal world is up in arms?

I am waiting for the anti-G-d A C L U to come out in full force on this one. They defend murderous blood thirsty IslamoFacicists but spit on the beliefs of Jews and Christians.

Whenever a Jewish cemetary is vandalized, you don't see the Hasidic Jews rampaging in the streets killing Christians and other non Jews. Same goes for when some neo-nazi freak of nature scum bag burns down a Babtist church in the south, you don't see the Christians burning down homes and beheading non-believers...But wait one minute, if a Koran is RUMORED to have been flushed down a toilet, then I guess it's time to let the killing begin. Heads will roll. Jews and Christians alike and all non-believers in Islam. What a double standard there has become, and the liberal media is latching on to the coat tails of the IslamoFacists and riding rough shod over Jews and Christians.

I just cannot wait to see what the liberal media will do next to lie, cheat and steal their way into making President Bush and all Americans look bad in the eyes of the world.

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Lonewatchman said...

Looks like islam is just about to take over America since the media has decided that the Koran is the only holy book. I wonder if NOW will start weaing burkas so as not to offend muslims. NOW would probably like that since it would mean pretty women couldn't be pretty anymore. Plus we know these social control groups only attack those that will back down. The taliban won't backdown so NOW and the ACLU will conform to bullies. Kiss the constitution goodbye and say hello to our next president mohammed habib binladin.