Sunday, May 15, 2005


RNC: Kennedy Sought to Abolish Filibuster

Here is more proof that the Liberal, socailist Democrat Party is more interested in their own power and divisive partisan politics, then actually doing anything constructive and positive for the American people that "Employ" them.  As usual they have no positive agenda, no ideas, and no true leadership for America.

The Republican National Committee came out swinging Sunday after Sen. Ted Kennedy lambasted the Republican drive to end the Senate filibuster.

"Sen. Ted Kennedy's hypocritical and obstructionist comments this morning are more evidence Democrats would rather launch partisan political attacks than confront the issues facing our nation," the RNC statement said.

The RNC noted that in 1995, Sen. Kennedy supported abolishing the filibuster.

In 1995, Democratic Senators Bingaman, Boxer, Feingold, Harkin, Kennedy, Kerry, Lautenberg, Lieberman and Sarbanes all voted to end the filibuster.

The Republicans also chastised Kennedy for flip-flopping on previous statements he made indicating that filibusters should not be used to block judicial votes.

In 1998, Kennedy said: "We owe it to Americans across the country to give these nominees a vote. If our Republican colleagues don't like them, vote against them. But give them a vote."


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