Friday, April 15, 2005


The Democrats are desperate because the judiciary is their last hope to force their liberal, unconstitutional agenda on the American people. If the filibuster is broken, they know that President Bush will be able to nominate and get confirmed Supreme Court justices in the mold of Scalia and Thomas. If the filibuster holds, we'll get justices like Anthony Kennedy who look to foreign law and opinion to support their unconstitutional rulings.

With their ever DECREASING numbers in both the Senate and in the House of Representatives, the Supreme Court and other federal courts is their last bastion to advance their destructive and socialist agenda upon unsuspecting Americans.

What frightens me is the new route that the Judiciary branch of our government has taken lately of legislating from the bench, and the liberal socialist communist Democrats are pushing for this by blocking any and all of President Bush's nominations to the bench that threaten their agenda.

The Democrats have been doing this by using what is called a fillibuster. A filibuster is allowed because the Constitution gives each house of Congress the right to "determine the Rules of its Proceedings." That means the Senate can run itself however it sees fit. With one short-lived exception, the Senate had no rule until 1917 to halt discussion on anything—reflecting the body's long-standing commitment to unlimited debate. A single senator thus had the power to hold the entire body hostage on an issue, so long as he was prepared to keep talking about it. Hence the term "filibuster," derived from the Spanish filibustero, or freebooter, meaning "pirate." (That word ultimately goes back to a pair of Dutch words that mean "free" and "booty"—which may or may not be relevant to goings-on in the Senate.)

By using filibusters on the judges, the Democrats have essentially imposed a supermajority requirement, and we are entitled to stop them. This would not affect filibusters on legislation, which could still take place.” Charles Grassley, an Iowa Republican, who also supports the change, said, “Filibusters are designed so that the minority can bring about compromise on legislation. You can always change the words of a bill or the dollars involved. But you can’t compromise a Presidential nomination. It’s yes or no. So filibusters on nominations are an abuse of our function under the Constitution to advise and consent.”

The majority of votes are there on the floor of the Senate, the Democrats know that this is their ONLY WAY to stop a vote from occuring. I hope that our leaders in the Senate grow a set a big brass balls and stop this destructive tactic that the liberals are employing. They absolutely refuse to give up the power that they once had even though the people of the United States have spoken and told them that they do not want them in control by voting their sorry asses out of office.

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