Sunday, April 17, 2005


Michael Moore, the communist liberal scumbag has resurfaced to announce that he is going to go to Vatican City and attend the Conclave that is to elect a new Pope so that he can hand out goodie bags and campaign for Pope.

Although I know that he is not in reality going to campaign for Pope, but since it has been so long since we have heard anything come OUT of his stinking pie hole, it gives me a chance to sound off on what a hemmoroidal douche bag Michael Moore truly is.

Michael Moore as Pope? Who is next on the liberal list to be Pope? Maybe a spiritual leader such as Osama bin Laden. To bad Yassir Arafat is feeding the worms, maybe he could have been chosen, for that matter, let's contact Zarquawi, he sure to be someone that the liberal left would approve of to be the spiritual leader to the millions of Catholics everywhere, and while they are all at it, they could return the Catholic Church to its earliest days of exterminating Jews who would not convert to Catholisism.

I cannot wait to hear what other vile treachery will spew forth from this volcanic turd depository known as Michael Moore.

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