Monday, April 11, 2005


The sore loser of the 2004 Presidential Election, John F'n Kerry was again shooting off his big mouth about losing the election this past November, blaming voter intimidation and long lines and stating that "Many Americans were denied the right to vote".

Speaking before the League of Womens Voters in the state of Taxachussettes he cited that the President needs to spend less time promoting democracy in other countries and more time guaranteeing democracy at home and making it work better.

The sniveling crybaby is obviously trying to promote his and Hillary's bill in the senate that would overide the 14th amendment and force states to allow convicted felons to vote, obviously knowing that criminals will vote for criminals like a bunch of peas in a pod.


lc said...

This post is another classic example of your writings. You are able to jump from one idea to the other without presenting any clear link between the two, besides your award-winning speculation. I decided to try the same style of writing.

The Rogue Jew wrote a wonderful article about the importants of keeping the second amendment, therefore he must support the killings of all the people who get shot by mistake, as a way to promote Social Darwinism and take the idiots out of the gene pool.

See how dangerous this type of writing can be. You seem like a decent guy and I assume you don't want ALL of the people who get shot by mistake to die.

1hoonose said...

I believe the key word in your comment is "mistake". How can anyone keep someone from making a mistake ever, and how can one support a mistake, when one doesn't ever really know when it's going to happen?
p.s. You spelled Importance wrong.

Lonewatchman said...

"..take the idiots out of the gene pool"? Wow, we are gonna need a lot more accidental shootings.