Sunday, April 10, 2005


I was reading about the Pope's funeral in an article on and saw something that perplexed and even irritated the hell out of me.

All of the foreign dignitaries that attended the funeral were seated alphabetically according to the name of their respective country in French, the "language of diplomacy".

Knowing what I know about the French having read the book, "Our Oldest Enemy", written by John J. Miller and Mark Molesky which details the TRUE NATURE AND HISTORY of the relationship between America and France I can only ask how french is the language of diplomacy?

How is diplomacy defined by the French? Well let's examine a little history here. Can you say "SURRENDER" or "I GIVE UP!"? How does one say these phrases in the language of diplomacy?

When our President, George W. Bush was looking to go to war against the dictators, tyrants and terrorists who had already murdered THOUSANDS of Americans in the attack on September 11, 2001 and were at work plotting future attacks against the U.S., Chirac was busy doing everything in his power, in the "language of diplomacy" to thwart the efforts of our President in securing our safety.

Let's not forget that in the "language of diplomacy", the French bullied and insulted other countries that were coming to the aid of the United States. A French "intelectual" named Jean Beaudrillard even stated at one time after 9/11, . “How all the world without exception dreamt of this event, for no one can avoid dreaming of the destruction of a power that has become hegemonic. . . . It is they who acted, but we who wanted the deed.”

One of histories cruelest and most reprehesible dictators and tryants lived in and was educated in the country of France with the "language of diplomacy". Cambodian dictator and the person who led the murder and destruction of over a million people, most for the simple reason of being educated or able to read, Pol Pot,1949 - Pol Pot wins a government scholarship to study radio electronics in Paris. He fails to obtain a degree but becomes enthralled by writings on Marxism and revolutionary socialism, and joined the French Communist Party.

France only believes in diplomacy if it suits there needs or purpose, other then that, they could give a flying hemmroid about anyone else.

The "language of diplomacy" was used to placate Saddam Hussein for some time by the French for their sole purpose of Iraqi oil and monetary kickbacks from the "Oil For Food" program operated by another problomatic entity and thorn in the side of the U.S., The United Nations.

The "language of diplomacy" being French is just so laughable by this author. If it were up to me, that language would be replaced by the sound of a F-117 flying overhead or an American M-16 pumping a few rounds into an arab terrorist or two. Now that's diplomacy. Remember that an armed society is a polite society, making the sound of the slide action of a Sig Sauer P228 or that of a Smith and Wesson slamming a round into the chamber the TRUE LANGUAGE of DIPLOMACY. In the mean time I would like to offer up some good ole fashioned American diplomatic language. Perhaps flipping a middle finger or two, a boot in the ass and in the words of the Gonzo Azz Kickin, guitar playing, buck guttin son of a bitch Ted "By G-d" Nugent, "KISS MY ASS!" Now that is the language of diplomacy!

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