Wednesday, April 13, 2005


I found this letter online, it was originally to the Roanoake Times in Virginia written by Elinore Wright.

Two events,sixty years apart but eerily similiar,
prey persistantly on my mind.In January 1933,in
my native country,Adolph Hitler was appointed
chancellor.The appointment was then confirmed by
a 44% plurality for the National Socialists.In
1992,in my adopted country,Bill Clinton was elected
by a 43% plurality.Significantly,both won weak
mandates from minorities of the electorate,but by
a cunning manipulation asserted far broader support.

Many thoughtful Germans,recognizing Hitler's true
character,foresaw chaos and destruction.They were
harassed,pursued,had "accidents" or disappeared.

Hitler's party expanded national health care,thus
enlarging each citizen's records; federalized public
schools;set curricula and programs for young and old
alike.Religion was actively discouraged.Obedience was
demanded of each citizen.Thirteen years of National
Socialism institutionalized fear by constant verbal
terrorism,lies and fiendish distortion of truth.
Government held the citizenry hostage through dread.

A cowardly judiciary silently acquiesced.Government
controlled an intimidated press.In 1945,the awful
consequences of terror,silence and fear stood naked
before the world.Tbe cost in human lives and dignity
was inexcusable.I saw,I lived there.We are not immune.
The tragedy can repeat itself here!

America today is confronted by the depreciated values of
socialism advanced for thirtyfive years.Its self-discipline
undermined,a disoriented society lost faith in itself and
now denies the value of character.The Clintons continues to
disdain character.America has been seduced by dependancy
on governmental solutions lacking integrity,thus avoiding
personal responsibility.Expediency rules.The sickening
spectacle of partial-birth abortions is an abomination.
Government corruption is rampant.Our society is sick with
tragedy.It's imperative that increasing regulation by an
overpowering government be halted and reversed.

Elinor Wright

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