Wednesday, March 09, 2005


It's time to put a stop to this "Pussy" war that we are fighting against terrorists. It is plainly obvious that the only thing they understand is violence, so lets give it too them.

I say we behead a few of their own and put the heads on poles and display them for all to see, then bury the remains inside of dead pigs. Let's instill fear into the hardend hearts of the cowards who wish to do us harm.

We need to support and stand behind the men and women who are fighting these loathesome pigs and quit displaying them on TV as war criminals. Our mainstream media is guilty of this crime. In their attempt to support the leftist liberal scum such as John Kerry, Ted "hic" Kennedy and the queen bitch of all, Hillary Rodham Clinton, they are portraying our fighting men and women as criminals.

These, the same dirtbags who hold up the right of a woman to murder a baby by means of a late term abortion, get high and mighty about human rights when a unlawful combatant is displayed on TV wearing a pair of womens panties. I am quite sure that there are some Democrats who have paid a lot of money to have the same thing done to them for pleasure.

Where are the priorities? Murdering a baby is ok while trying to secure our nation is not ok? Democrats are proving themselves to be the biggest anti-Americans ever in history. It has become obvious to me that whatever is good for America and its people is bad for the Democrats and their destructive agenda on America. The Dems are quietly cheering on the terrorists. They want the terrorists to win so that it appears to Americans that President Bush failed.

How much more anti-American can that be? They persecuted the Republicans for making claims that the Dems were not patriotic. I believe that the Republicans are right. The liberal scum only want to regain their power, even at the cost of American lives and interests. Just don't expect them to admit to it. They never will!

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kelly said...

I 100% agree, I am sick to death of muslims thinking they are "winning" simply because we have tied out forces hands and forced them to be "PC" (which by the way will be the death of us in the USA) Too many of our soldiers have died because the terrorists fight "dirty" and our soldiers must worry about embedded reporters and the "rules of war" (which would be fine in a normal war situation) but I think we can agree that this is an abnormal war, we are fighting an enemy that does not wear a uniform, that blends into the population going as far as to use the population as sheilds....all so liberal reporters can report how many "civillians" our soldiers are killing making it sound as though they "hunt" civillians for sport,the reporters are truly disgusting. I got your blogspot from a yahoo chat where you gave the URL, very nice blog!