Thursday, March 10, 2005


41 decomposing bodies were found in Iraq in 2 separate locations near the Syrian border. The first 26 bodies were found riddled with bullets, all were civillians and one was a woman. The other 15 bodies included 10 men, 3 women and 2 children, were found in abandoned Iraqi Army building in western Iraq and all 15 were decapitated. For those liberals who do not understand "decapitated", BEHEADED! WITHOUT THEIR HEADS! CIVILIANS! WOMEN AND CHILDREN! Must I continue?

As stated a couple of days ago, these insurgents are monsters. Vile creatures who must be ELIMINATED. Preferably the same way they like to kill innocent women and children...VIOLENTLY!

We need to stop fighting a "MADE FOR NETWORK TV WAR" We need to fight these animals like we want to win. Not the pussy liberal way of fighting a kinder and gentler war. The terrorists do not understand "KIND AND GENTLE" They understand brute force and violence. Nothing kind or gentle is going to change this. We are at war people! A war against a fanatical religious group that wants to DESTROY the people of the United States of America.

It is too my understanding that headless bodies of women have been turning up in Iraq recently, usually with a note pinned to their chest that says, "Collaborater". WOMEN! You would think that the champion of all women, Hillary Rodham Clinton would be up in arms over these atrocities against women and children, but yet,....SILENCE! I guess that the plight of women and children in Iraq and Afghanistan do not fit into the political agenda of Mrs. Clinton and the rest of her liberal cronies of the Democratic party.

If we do not take care of this problem that exists in Iraq and other countries where Islamic Insurgents are trying to derail the progress of freedom and liberty, how soon then will we start finding headless bodies right here on our own shores? Do we want this to be the demise of our daughters, sisters, wives and mothers? Is this the end we seek for ourselves? Then as stated before, WE NEED TO TAKE OFF THE GLOVES AND FIGHT TO WIN! FIGHT THESE ANIMALS IN A WAY THAT WILL PUT TRUE FEAR INTO THE DARKEST CORNERS OF THEIR MINDS!

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