Monday, March 14, 2005


A few days ago I wrote an entry about Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton saying that there is too much sex on TV. I thought about the whole Bill Clinton sex scandal and I came up with some questions for the Senator from New York.

Just what is the definition of "IS"?

What is the definition of "Too Much"?

All of the above are questions that the scandal ridden former President William Jefferson Clinton posed to the courts when he was practicing his evasion tactics while being questioned about Paula Jones and Monica Lewinsky, a tactic that has served the former felon Prez well throughout his tainted career in politics.

Once again, remember, Senator Hillary Clinton is the lady who is married to the man, our former Commander in Chief, Bill Clinton, who gave our kids first- hand knowledge of what "oral sex" is, and also how to convince someone that "Eatin aint Cheatin".

Oh, by the way, I have gotten my hands on a list of companies and people who have donated money to Hillary Clinton in her quest for power. Take a good look.

Citigroup Inc $138,900
International Profit Assoc $121,000
Kushner Companies $119,000
Goldman Sachs $104,670
Metropolitan Life $97,500
Time Warner $84,850
Walt Disney Co $78,850
Intl Brotherhood of Electrical Workers $70,075
Skadden, Arps et al $62,850
Viacom Inc $61,525
Cablevision Systems $58,950
EMILY's List $53,775
Credit Suisse First Boston $48,500
Kirkland & Ellis $47,500
US Government $44,250
Patton Boggs LLP $43,250
Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu $42,350
General Electric $41,650
Bear Stearns $39,650
UBS Financial Services $38,200

Source: Center for Responsive Politics
1999-2004 election cycle as of July 5, 2004

One more thing...I think that when Bill Clinton said, "I did not have sexual relations with that woman.", he was talking about Hillary.

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