Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Well, a study was done by John R. Lott and James K. Glassman of the American Enterprise Institute, that if the federal government interferes with the states rights to determine for themselves whether or not a convicted felon should be returned his right to vote, would quite possibly put Hillary over eneough to win in 08.

In states where convicted felons have the right to vote, 93% of them voted for Bill Clinton in 1996. Can you imagine, criminals voting for a criminal. I guess that would make Bill and Hill, leaders of the losers and decaying fecal matter of society.

A senate bill sponsored by Sen. Hillary Clinton and Senator & LOSER of the 2004 Presidential election John F. Kerry from the state of Taxachussettes, called the "Count Every Vote" act is about to be presented before the senate. This bill if passed, would override the 14th Amendment of the Constitution which gives the Individual States the right to determine whether or not a convicted felon should be allowed to vote again.

If only 30% of them decided to use their right to vote, it would put Hillary over the top with an added 1.2 million votes to possibly win and become President in 2008, even in a not so close race.

Leave it to a criminal to want to attract criminals to their side and their destructive agenda for America...I guess that would allow Bill Clinton to vote for his wife in 08, after all the former President is himself a convicted criminal.

Does this not tell the people of America what the true agenda of the liberal left is all about? They have now lowered themselves to the level of our lowest form of life within America in an attempt to get more votes to put themselves back into power.

Murderers, Rapists, Child Molestors, Drug Dealers, Drug Addicts,....SCUM!!! I know. I worked within the walls of a Prison in Michigan for over 10 years...Once again, they are not locked up for singing too loud in church...Even the drug dealers. The poor drug dealers. The poor addicts trying to support the habit that the rich white man got them hooked on....BULLSH$#!!! If you only knew some of the conversations I overheard while working within the confines of the penal system. These are the NEW FRIENDS of the Liberal Left. CRIMINALS!

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Lonewatchman said...

If a felon can get his right to vote back how then can we say he cannot get his right to own a weapon again. Either your rights are restored or they are not, I don't think it would hold up legally to selectively give back constiutional rights. Could pedophliles get enough of a voting block somewhere to pass laws that would assist them in child rape?