Wednesday, March 23, 2005

CRIMINAL COVERUP-Michael Schiavo on "How to Get Away With Murder"

Why is it that the mainstream media has been silent on the possibility of Michael Schiavo having perpetrated a criminal act of attempting to murder his wife, Terry Schindler Schiavo? Dr. Carole Lieberman has brought up some extraordinary evidence against Terry's husband Michael, yet..........SILENCE from the mainstream media, which of course has ties to the liberal left who as we know, has absofreakinlutly NO RESPECT for human life contrary to what they give lip service too!

Here is some of the evidence presented by Dr. Lieberman, MD:

Terri was frightened to object to Michael's pathologically controlling behavior. For example, he would monitor her odometer to control where she went. He tried to isolate her from her friends and family. She had to account for every penny, though they often lived on her income, since he would be fired, sometimes only after two weeks. He would splurge on $400 suits for himself, while she had to economize. He called her at work 3-4 times a day, often complaining of hating his job because no one appreciated him. He was often observed scolding her.

Terri's family observed black and blue marks on her before the incident that plunged her into her current state. Medical records and/or experts have revealed that her neck injury was consistent with strangulation. A bone scan revealed multiple fractures occurring within 1-2 months before or after the incident, which has been described as equivalent to her being "hit by a mach truck". Michael has given three different explanations of how he found Terri after the incident.

Michael has had Terri's jewelry re-set into a ring for himself. Terri had two beloved cats that she adopted from an animal shelter, where they'd landed after being mistreated. When he moved in with his girlfriend, Cindy, he had Terri's cats euthanized. Psychologically, this is symbolic of what he is trying to do now to Terri.

Based upon my interviews of Terri's father, Robert Schindler, and Dr. Liebermans' research into media accounts of her case, She can provide the following preliminary opinions at this time: As the author of the book, Bad Boys: Why We Love Them, How to Live with Them and When to Leave Them, Dr. Lieberman has studied men who exhibit pathology in their relationships with women. Profiles of the twelve different types of bad boys are explained. Michael Schiavo fits the profile, described in the book as the Prince of Darkness (see chapter 13). O.J. Simpson was cited as a classic example of this type, and there are indeed similarities between the two men. It is especially significant to note that O.J. flew into a homicidal rage when he realized that Nicole was totally abandoning him, as is characteristic of these impulsive men who most dread being abandoned by their woman. Similarly, Michael Schiavo was likely to have known that Terri had begun making plans to divorce him, since she had told a coworker and family member. Stalking is characteristic of this type of man, as well. And a girlfriend of Michael's, Cindy, accused him of stalking her in 2001.

How much more evidence is neccessary to bring this injustice to light? Is death so important to liberals that they have forgotten about life?

The judge that has sided with Micheal Schiavo, Judge George W. Greer of the 6th District Court of the state of Florida is just as guilty as Michael Schiavo in aiding and abbetting in this criminal act. This nut job judge is legislating life and death from the bench and has mistaken himself for G-d.

Please I beg of you all....Email your legislature, The President, and his brother, Gov. Jeb Bush and beg them to take the side of life. The right side.

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