Monday, February 28, 2005


Kind of a slow weekend. I shrugged off the Oscars. Number one, I am not gay eneough to care what everyone is wearing, and number two....I just don't give a rat's butt about the Hollyweird crowd...I read a little about them this morning. The Chris Rock shot at John Kerry was hilarious. "Oprah is so rich, I saw John Kerry Proposing to her". That is funny stuff.

They did forget to hand out an award last night....The one for funniest Docufakery. To Micheal Moore for his piece of fiction, Ferenheit 9-11.

I was sick most of the weekend so I didn't keep up on what was happening. I did happen to go to the movies and see "Man of the House" starring Tommy Lee Jones as a Texas Ranger babysitting a bunch of cheerleaders that were witness to a murder. I loved it. Good movie worth seeing. I recomend it highly to all my readers.

The trial of Whacko Jacko starts today. Do you think he is guilty, innocent or just plain weird. Let me know your thoughts about this alleged child molester that I think is guilty as hell.

Well I hope this week is a better news week then it was this weekend.

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Lonewatchman said...

Well looks like the racists in Hollywood finally let Black people get some of the primary awards. However Hispanics are still disqualified from superstar rolls in Hollywood and used as props for comedy at the Oscars. To me this is one more piece of evidence that modern liberalism is seated in racism.